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Michelle Obama Goes Skiing in Colorado

First Lady Michelle Obama is on “a private family trip” in Colorado where she is skiing with daughters Sasha and Malia, according to an administration official.

“The First Lady and several close friends are  chaperoning their children on a ski trip,” the official told the press pool reporter who is following President Obama today.

Reports coming out of Colorado say she arrived Friday night and is staying at the Sebastian Hotel on Vail Mountain. Rooms start at $605 per night for a room with two queen beds and head north of $2,000 for multi-bedroom suites.

Here’s a description from the hotel’s website:

For the best in Colorado vacations, stay at The Sebastian – Vail and enjoy Vail’s newest boutiqueslopeside hotel. In the heart of the Vail Village, The Sebastian is welcoming and pulsing with life. There’s Bloom Spa, Frost Bar, Market for nibbles, our visionary Block 16 restaurant. There’s a mountain-view pool, hot tubs and a roaring fire pit. Base Camp offers ski-in ski-out access from Vail’s Vista Bahn lift, just at the foot of Vail Mountain. Our ski valets will help you into warm ski boots and out onto the mountain.

Mrs. Obama has decided to jet out to Vail – instead of visiting slopes closer to Washington DC in Virginia or Pennsylvania – despite already incurring criticism for taking opulent excursions, particularly a trip last summer to Spain. There, she stayed at the country’s swankest hotel and, like this weekend, was traveling without her husband.

Mrs. Obama also raised eyebrows in December when she left earlier than President Obama for their annual vacation in Hawaii, incurring added expenses for taxpayers that likely ran well in excess of $100,000.

The trip to Vail, which almost certainly requires use of a large Air Force jet, would likely be much more expensive for taxpayers than a shorter journey by chopper or motorcade to a resort near Washington. Mrs. Obama will likely pay for a portion of her trip, but many costs of a first lady’s travel are borne by taxpayers.

President Obama today went to serve as the “parent coach” for for Sasha’s basketball team, even though Sasha was not there.

Meanwhile, Vice President Biden and his wife are spending the weekend in Key Largo.

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  1. If is no longer a matter of revealing clarity of intent, but a redundant lack
    of natural correctness, some might call class– in the personal advantage
    behavior of the BO administration, not to forget the rise in status of
    Mr. R.E. to banker of privilage.
    Why not donate that unearned Peace Prize to the family expense account rather than printing more tax paid debt money in fun for family and friends?

  2. The Obama’s truly are the “do as I say, not as I do” first family. They simply do not understand how Americans are hurting…

    I hope and pray that President Obama is voted out of office in 2012. America cannot bare any more of the pain and hypocrisy that this man and his wife are dishing out.

    1. MarineMom,
      You are 100% correct.
      But, I take it one step further.
      Obama needs to be impeached and thrown out of office.
      He never should have been elected in the 1st place.
      Nothing but a community organizer like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
      I wish my family could afford to go on just one vacation this year.
      “Do as I say, not as I do” fits these posers to a tee! :(

    2. You can hope and pray all you want but it isn’t gonna mount to a hill of beans cuz the people in charge give you a vote to make you think you have a voice and are making a difference in politics. But the truth is this THEY put in charge who THEY think the best CIA asset is to rape and pillage the middle class ie:fraud healthcare, steal your pensions,social security etc.Until people stop eating GM foods, drinking fluoridated water, taking poisons in vaccines and listening to the propaganda spewed from the idiot cable box, its gonna be business as usual for the so called criminal illuminati elite jerks. Oh and by the way dont go bragging about being a MARINEMOM because it isn’t cool to send your beautiful offspring off to fight in WARS concocted by these false flag events (911) under the guise of fighting terrorism. sorry just my opinion god bless and wake up soon.

  3. As an unappreciated (yert significant federal taxpayer) I hope I at least get to see (for “free”) some photos of Michelle Antoinette and our 2 princesses on the slopes. I’m sure they’ll have the latest “ski-wear”. I wonder if they’ll rent skis or already have them. I haven’t heard of them snow-skiing before. Sounds like a very expensive small swanky hotel, but the Obamas certainly deserve it. It’s hard work destroying our country.

    1. No, they won’t rent. Too tacky. Will they have? No, that means they’d already have been a skiing family before they used other people’s money. They will buy the most expensive gear, and use it once, until Moochelle falls on her big fat Aspen…

  4. How many vacations does this troll need? Really. I haven’t been able to afford going across town, because the cost of gas is cutting into my food budget! I despise these people. I truly do.

    1. It sure is their fault that you are a loser, huh? So, when he is no longer President and you are STILL a loser, who are you going to blame then?

  5. She makes Laura look so very wonderful, I guess we don’t know how good something is sometimes till it is gone. Oh well, why should she concern herself it is just more taxpayer money, and she gets to go to such great places, France, Spain,Hawaii, ski resorts and that doesn’t even include the places that can be labeled official presidential business trips ( like Oslo). This lady is a disgrace, and an embarrassment to our nation during these tough economic times. It is people such as her that the term ugly American was coined, such arrogance.

  6. I guess the parts in the president’s speeches where he says we’ll all have to sacrifice and have a little skin in the game doesn’t apply to the royal family. I don’t begrudge anyone a vacation, in fact I’d like to have one but haven’t been able to afford one in 5 years. But to talk about sacrifice and continue to spend, spend, spend is really an offense to the American people. I am ashamed of our president.

  7. Talk is cheap, Mr. President, but the tax payers pay for everything else. Socialism works for those in power but not for the unemployed, eh, Mr. President?

  8. Unemployement is over twenty percent (oh, be honest), interest rates suck, gas prices are up, inflation is up, food prices are up and the first wench is wasting taxpayer money for yet another vacation which BO which join in on at some point, requiring additional security costs to the taxpayers, another plane, another limo, and an office in downtown Vail.

    Impeach Barack Obama. Now.

    1. Maybe that is some of the reason he did not give our seniors a raise for two years. They need to hang on to as much money as they can to pay for their lavish vacations every month or two and their lavish parties two or three days a week. And pay for their lobster and two hundred dollar a pound kobe beef from Japan.

  9. How many tons of lobster have they flown in to feed her majesty and maintain her huge backside in all its massive glory? Let them eat cake eh Mooch Elle? How many hundreds ot thousands of taxpayer dollars will THIS boon doggle cost us you socialist redistributor of wealth into YOUR pocket?

    Me Me Me MeChelle is DISGUSTING!

  10. Could Obama be impeached for his abuse of office privileges? How about mis-conduct for abuse of taxpayers money and military personnel and equipment? The only thing good about this is that if Ms Obama is skiing then she is not interfering in our private lives.

  11. Clearly they are getting all of the joyride they can before 2012. That year, of course, is when all of the waste and extravaganza ends…..and they know it! Typical Statists. They take what they want from who they want and preach to the masses about sacrifice.

  12. They’ve been living it up like welfare recipients who just won a 4 year lottery, and yet there will still be people who think they *deserve* all these expensive vacations. I think the bigger surprise would be if they stayed the hell in D.C. and he did some work for a change.

    1. Really Virginia? Normal people go on ski vacations ALL THE TIME. You must have a really miserable life. Feeling so sorry for you…NOT!! LOL

  13. I’m fortunate if I get one week off BUT I’M NOT A UNION EMPLOYEE. These liberals are robbing us. They are immoral thieves. May God judge them, soon.

  14. I am so glad they can enjoy vacations and squander our money (as do all politicians, right and left), while we get tax increases and less for our money. One would think that these “tireless representatives of the poor”, would set and example and let their daughters know that the vast majority of Americans barely survive and perhaps cut back on a vacation or two. But that would be too much to ask from these hypocrites.

    1. What does the size of her posterior have to do with anything? You are obviously a jealous and miserable person. May God see the devil out of your miserable heart.

      In the meantime, you are obviously in need of some psychiatric help…

        1. LOL your right but it miles proves they do have a hand ful of people who see nothing wrong with the frauds sharing our wealth with most going in their own pockets. In the end Obama and his big butt wife will throw him under the bus. LOL

  15. After thinking about it, I have come to the decision that it might be a good thing if the entire Obama family took a 2 year vacation and just turned the duties of the President over to VP Biden. He may be dumb as a rock and his politics are to the left, but I have no doubt HE cares about this country and HE was born in the USA. Not sure about Obama and his family. Just let the Obama family go on a world wide tour so they can wave and live the high life. I think it would cost us less in the long run. Also we all know that Biden would stand less of a chance of being elected President in 2012 anyway.

  16. this is obvious for me to see these people take advantage of the presidency. There living the high life, living large. Hell I would to if I knew it would me a one shot deal for me

  17. Enjoy it FLOTUS!
    It won’t be too awfully long until you will be evicted and the tax payer supplied vacations, $100 lb Kobe beef and extravagant lifestyle will be on your dime.
    The whole country knows that you and your husband are the poorest excuse for president and first lady in US history and your 15 minutes in the limelight can’t end fast enough.

  18. The “First Black Family’s” conspicious consumption comes as no surprise. Mao lived in luxury with his many concubines while starving the masses during the period of his Great Leap Forward. Communist Party members in the U.S.S.R. enjoyed their fancy dachas and Western perks while their non-party masses lived in misery. Socialist idealogues are all the same when they get into power. They reward themselves and their small cadre of supporters with lifestyles they never earned; lifestyles paid for with the sweat of their countrymen. They are pigs.

    1. its been about 6 or 7 weeks since their last vacation in Hawaii. Give them a break, doesn’t everyone take at least 1 vacation per month?

      After all last summer they took 8 vacations in just a few months.

  19. Um, where were all you phonies when George W. was taking all of his visits to Crawford? Oh, by the way, they are millionaires with or without the White House and your hatred for them can do nothing about it! LOL

    1. Nice try, birdbrain. Going to your own modest Texas spread is not exactly the same thing as jetting around the world and staying at the fanciest places possible. And what’s with the canned laughter at the end of your comment? Are you not out of middle school yet, or just seriously demented?

    2. I’m not a phony. I sincerely, truly think these people need to stay home, tighten their belts and quit acting like jetsetting royalty on our money. The Obamas are hypocrites and have never done an honest day’s work in their lives. Michelle’s politically created job in Chicago was to dump the poor from her hospital’s rolls and send them to a poor clinic down the street. Who’s the phony?

    3. Miles-you are yet another “Obama Bootlicker” obviously, that finds NO fault in this family screwing over taxpayers with their opulent trips,
      not to mention the cost of security detail for them, the “hangeron friends” that ALSO get treated to their lavish activities AT taxpayers’ expense. So quit the nonsense, while the rest of us see these people
      for what they REALLY are-Politico Pigs Feeding Off The Taxpaying Public Trough. And before you take more swipes at anyone-GWBush was going to HIS home in Crawford, STILL working out of that home, and thus, NOT COSTING TAXPAYERS MILLIONS. WISE UP JERK, AND STOP KISSING AZZ-IT’S ELITIST FOR THEM TO DO THIS WITH THE COUNTRY IN JEOPARDY. GET IT ??

    4. Miles,
      You are an ignorant, brainless, liberal PLICK!
      And the problem is you realize it and enjoy being so unhappy that you have to make the Dark Side of ignorance your home.
      You are too proud to ask for help!
      So sorry for you !

  20. Why do you say Mrs. Obama will likely pay for part of the trip herself? Does she have a history of that? If so, what is said history? If not, why didn’t you state your evidence? Or did you just throw it in there to give a little meat to an otherwise short sentence in an otherwise short paragraph in an otherwise short piece?

  21. MarineMomToo –
    The House of Representatives is responsible for impeachment proceedings, which is the equivalent of determining cause for a trial. Unfortunately, the Senate would be responsible for kicking the President out of office and with the current make-up of the Senate, that ain’t gonna happen.

    1. don’t be surprised if entire parts of the mountain are closed down for “security” purposes while Manchelle Antoinette snow plows her way down.

  22. we must reduce the siza of michelle’s butt, i mean budget. should be cut ny two thirds. Hillary spendt in excess of 40 million on 6 chelsea spring vactions around the world. this is getting out of hand.

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  24. I wonder how many of these type of vacations these classless characters took when they were paying for them? Worst president ever beating Jimmy Carter by a few notches.

  25. What a selfish arrogant wannabe! Try as she might, with the help of the liberal press and Hollywood, Moochelle will always be a hapless middle class schmuck who wants to make up for all the places she could never afford to go until her Marxist husband became the Manchurian president. Hurry up, toots. You have less than 2 years to finish your world tour. Then, it’s back to Chicago and your patient dumping program at the U of Chicago hospital. How come this is never mentioned during all the health care hype?

  26. It is apparent that this woman and her children need constant maintenance and entertainment….at our expense. Two more years….. and then we’ll be free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, free at last.

    1. Of course. It’s all about them. Heaven help us if they had to play a board game or watch free DVDs from the library like a lot of Americans have to do for entertainment.

      Oh wait, they aren’t proud to be Americans, I forgot!

  27. Remember when Geo. and Laura Bush were leaving the white house once a month or so. The lefty press did nothing but scream. At least the spent their time at the ranch in Texas which cost the taxpayers nothing. How come we never hear anything about the “star border” at the white house who is “ourmamas” moma. Is she paying room and board?

  28. All these ballin vacays are to allow all those who are due reparations to live vicariously through the first family until King Barrak Hussein can get Timmy Geithner to find a way to cut checks behind the backs of the Americans who pay for all of this garbage.

  29. Heh, I was working on my next video on the Motown partee and trips to Brazil, Engand and the north coast of France when I came across this and almost flipped my lid. Great job, Keith, as usual.

    The girls go to private school so their vacay isn’t until March. Jetting to Vail for a long weekend? Priceless. The only consolation will be some tight, close in shots of MO’s derriere in ski thingys.

  30. While I dislike this administration as much as the next guy, skiing in Virginia is shall we say, not the same thing. But I hope they get a minor case of altitude sickness ;)

  31. Hey, Obama —– This country is in severe straits, and you fill in to “coach” a basketball team while your family goes on yet ANOTHER vacation? What a poor example you set, sir. You would do a MUCH GREATER service to the nation if you set up and went to an “inner city” conference and PUBLICLY told ALL STUDENTS to stay in school,study, and avoid the temptations of EASY MONEY, EASY SEX, and EASY GOALS, like those being put forth by those who selfishly promote “keeping it real” as a lifestyle. Right now, you are pandering to the basest of elements. Your actions display a naive approach as to how this country should be run. You are no longer a “community organizer”. Your job is to act as a strong, fair and even handed leader, setting an example to be looked upon as the standard for our republic. Just what was your Masters Thesis about anyway? Your presidency replete with “teachable moments”, “shout outs” and calling politicallly differing views as coming from “enemies”, just to garner temporary, popular support, does little other than weaken the office of the leader of this nation. We need a strong, open minded and transparent Presidency. So far, you have presented us with the BLING PRESIDENCY. Shameful at best, downright scary at worst. Should you keep on this tack, the consequencies are going to end badly for you, for those who follow as well as those who oppose you, FOR US ALL. You are President 24 hours a day, EVERY DAY. Please display some character and integrity with that in mind. Do it Mr. President. DO IT NOW..

    1. Dale: Excellent Post. You are so right in your statements about Obama ‘giving his time’ to the unfortunate–HE DOESN’T. He claims to care about the “little people”-HE DOESN’T. These frauds are in OUR Whitehouse, living the ELITIST roles they dreamed of, and are
      “taking, while the taking is good” as they live like Royalty on the Taxpayers Money. It’s the same thing, the theives did in Europe, and one is reminded of the Cheishcews(sp) who lived like a King and Queen in opulence, UNTIL the people got disgusted and they were put
      on trail for abuses of the peoples’ money, and hung. The Obama’s are “Political Pigs Feeding Off The Taxpaying Public Trough”

      Enough is Enough.

  32. And we are still in debt, broke, you know like there’s nothing in the bank and she spends up more taxpayers money. Enjoy it while you can. We the people who payed for this are not sitting idle.

  33. I am outraged !!!!!!! Who’s paying for this? Might be “tax criminal” implications Must get Lawrence O Donnel to investigate. LOL Oprah’s probably funding this trip….nothing to see here, move along…

    Of course MO is using our tax money for her own personal gain….same as her husband!

    1. When you get over thre Marxist PC stuff you are going to wonder what the Obama’s were doing in the White House. Remember we have beeen sort of used to the DemocratMarxist way of things for over 70 years. Breaking off the brical brack will be refreshing. You might want to read your copy of the Constitution .

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