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Bill Daley: The Fat Cat Down the Hall

The White House chief of staff’s office is down the hall from the Oval. And in it is a FAT CAT.

Bill Daley was unfortunately forced to reveal that he deep pocketed more than $15 million in bonuses, salary and pensions last year from JP Morgan, which in case President Obama hadn’t noticed IS A BANK.

And now we know why Daley quit and came to the White House. Because last April, President Obama said, “At some point, you’ve made enough money.”

And Daley said, “Gosh, I just couldn’t stop myself until I heard Obama’s words. But now I’ll stop making money because I’ve got enough!”

Daley is in a special Fat Cat Recovery Program at George Washington University Hospital, just down the street from the White House. He’s joined there by OMB Director Jack Lew, who earned $1.1 million in 2008 at Citgroup; and Senior Adviser David Plouffe, who made $2 million doing “consulting” and whatever all these political types do when they step outside government for a year or two to set themselves up for the good life.

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    1. The fox went into the henhouse, ate all the hens and is now suing the farmer because … there are no more hen’s left to eat. The pig will represent the fox in court (on two feet of course). President Obama will go on t.v. and tell everyone that the farmer is waging war against the fox’s.

      1. When your linked to Drudge, prepare for the incoming! It’s great how Drudge uses the news around the internet as a way to give you a one-page perspective. In the military it is called “strategic use of assets.”

        1. When it comes here, I skip the commenting on that one. Also, the comments I have seen are pretty boring, unoriginal, unfunny, racist, etc. Not my cuppa.

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