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Pictures From Obama’s Dinner With Tech Execs

Obama had dinner Thursday night in Woodside, Calif. with some of the country’s top high-tech CEOs.

Below, Obama leads them in a toast “to the small people.”


Note the Silicon Valley pecking order. Apple’s Steve Jobs is on Obama’s left while Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is on his right. Jobs looks thin, but alive, which is always good to know if you own Apple stock.

And below, Obama talks with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who just turned 16 years old, about “really gross stuff Republican dudes do.”


Official photos were taken by Obama photog Pete Souza.

5 Responses to Pictures From Obama’s Dinner With Tech Execs

  1. So far no one has said what these CEO’s have received for meeting with the boy President. And you can bet your azz no one believes that Obama would fly out to meet with the Techies without getting som’n. After all, President Down Low is from Chicago-Blago-Rahm-land where everything is for sale (including the President’s former Senate seat) and where machine politics is religion. So far, the press is not saying, nor is the WH. In the next several weeks whatever back room deal was cut will come out on Brietbart, FOX, Drudge or here.

  2. Appears to me when he travels it is for one of two reasons. He goes to states where he needs votes or to places where he raises money. California is a money place. He already has the votes there.

    Stay tuned for next Thursday.

  3. Over at the NYT, Charles Blow says the Republicans are throwing dirt on America’s casket or something–I sort of glazed. Someone commented that we had a wonderful black president trying to take us to a higher place…zzzz…what, where am I? The last time he went to SF, he made cracks about clingers… Anything good like that during this? I spent all day talking my best friend through packing–she lost her beach condo and is moving in with a relative. She is 64, precits she will never own another home. She had been kind of “clinging” to pride and a sense of self-worth.

    • BLACK President? My ass.

      I AM MORE BLACK than this fool. I went to school with black kids; I played football with black kids, I soldiered with young black men from Detroit, Chicago and New York in the army, had them as parnters of mine in law enforcement and made love to them when I came out. I AM MR BLACK MAN (thanks Tom Cruise).

      Barack Obama is no black man.

      He is 50% white, and since college, has led a priviledged, snobbish, elite, blueblood existence. A straight black man (thats a close friend AND a Democrat) told me this jingle:

      “Shit, dude,-
      Obama ain’t street –
      He’s elite!”