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Obama Gets Stern With Bahrain’s Feudal Lord

Obama decided to give his royal highness of Bahrain a piece of his mind for shooting at his own people. From the White House:

President Obama spoke with King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa of Bahrain this evening to discuss the ongoing situation in Bahrain. The President reiterated his condemnation of the violence used against peaceful protesters, and strongly urged the government of Bahrain to show restraint, and to hold those responsible for the violence accountable. As a long-standing partner of Bahrain, the President said that the United States believes that the stability of Bahrain depends upon respect for the universal rights of the people of Bahrain, and a process of meaningful reform that is responsive to the aspirations of all Bahrainis.

8 Responses to Obama Gets Stern With Bahrain’s Feudal Lord

  1. Down Low has no cred on the Arab street anymore (Mubarak refused to take his call today). When you have bowed down, led an apology tour and kissed the ass of every head of state . . .

    • Agreed.
      This Prez has alienated our allies and friends, let our enemies do whatever they want and apologized to the Arab world.
      The King of Bahrain probably told him to mind his own business.

      The upcoming trip to various SouthAmerican countries that supply us with drugs, illegal aliens and various metals will give MrO another chance to embarrass and offend us.

      • Sheesh. ANOTHER trip. Is he also “President of the World” like Bill Clinton? If he is, we need to ship in a pudgey intern from CHItown he can copulate with, lie about and begin his upward trajectory in liberal politics.

    • Yeah–the chubby part–I always liked the fact that no one could figure out how he could “like” someone with a few pounds on her–hey, once you try it, you will buy it.

  2. Remember one of Obama’s campaign promises to get us off on foreign oil in ten years? If the middle East oil producing countries keep having their governments fall, chances are they will be cutting off our oil supply. Things are looking like we could be heading for what happened in the movie Rollover, with governments collapsing all over the world.

    Hows that hopey changy thing working out for ya?