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Obama to Visit Great Britain May 24-26

The trip will be a state visit at the invitation of the Queen, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney noted.

Mrs. Obama will be accompanying the president.

Obama will be sure to use the visit to try to combat accusations that he has failed to maintain the close partnership between Great Britain and the United States that existed under his predecessors.

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  1. Teatime at Buckingham Palace
    17 Feb 2011

    Private Secretary to HM The Queen: “Ma’am, does her Majesty require the presence of the American head of state, a gentlemen, who, has, emphatically, not withstanding the role of Her Majesty’s government, spurned the very person who stood firm during The Blitz [ realizing that Her Majesty, 19 years of age at the time was a driver with the Army Territorial Service (ATS) ], our own Mr. Churchill?”

    HM The Queen: “Mr. Geidt, are you suggesting we refuse Mr. Obama?”

    Mr. Geidt: “Ma’am, I am suggesting we request Mr. Obama stay in the loo … the location, next to the Coldstream’s barracks where we have stored Mr. Churchill.”

    HM The Queen: “Have we spoken with Mr. Cameron?”

    Mr. Geidt: “We have Ma’am. The Prime Minister’s opinion is consistent with the Palace.”

    HM The Queen: “Well, he did fire first the first volley sending Winston back.”

    Duke of Edinburgh: “He did, blast him. Without even notice. Damn that man. And his bollocks of a wife. Christopher?”

    Mr. Geidt: “Yes, your Highness?”

    Duke of Edinburgh: “Place the Battalion bugler outside Mr. Obama’s residence and wake him precisely at 5:30 a.m. then have the Scots Guards piper play a slow durge for an hour after that. We’ll make sure he enjoy’s his stay at Birdcage Walk.”

    Mr. Geidt: “As you wish. Majesty. Highness.” The Private Secretary bows, then departs the residence.

    HM The Queen: “Cuddles, could you pass my tea?”

    Duke of Edinburgh: “Damn. Your tea’s gone cold. Blast that man!”

      • The French will fete the President, but I think the Brits will respond coldly to him. Even the left-wingers in the UK do not respond when you trash the bust of a famous Englishman. Then again France has more Communists in Europe than in any other country and Marxists have a sincere love for the boy President.

    • I think Carney told the reporters to check either with the First Lady’s Office or the Protocol Office whether B&M would attend the Royal Wedding.

      If they do attend, expect a *catastrophe*.

      The Obama’s *must* be the center of attention (like the Clintons) so you can be sure that Michelle will (attempt to) upstage Kate Middleton or even the HRH with some extremely rude looking dress with one strap, goose feathers, a leather belt that stops at her midriff and only covers one cheek.

  2. It’s off topic (my apologies) but I just found it on

    MSNBC’s O’Donnell attacks Cartoonists as Racist

    Granted Lawrence O’Donnell is a fool, a tool and prick, but he’s an Left-Wing Marxist with a bone to pick with freedom of expression, especially when the hypocrisy of the First Lady is revealed.

    Nice editorial.

  3. Star beat me to the big question……
    England HAS apparently had a abnormally large lobster harvest this year.
    Only reason they are going is to return some more of the gifts given to our country from them. Think she will tell them they are eating too much and to share the wealth?

    • I am *itching* to see the Palace menu’s CALORIE COUNT. You can bet your bottom dollar, Keith will post those numbers here when the menu is released. Oh my … can you imagine?

      * Bread pudding
      * Welsh chocolate fresco’s
      * English pound cake
      * Toad in a Hole
      * Iced Scottish eggs.

      I wonder if Michelle will actually dig in and the tell us later this exquisite spread was ‘allowed’ since it was her ‘bad meal.’

        • Oh heavens. I read in US WEEKLY or one of the tabloids a week ago that Low Rent has the munchies for high-sugar British pastries and some of the more ex-pat, high-calorie, fried English crap; she apparently picked up a liking for British pub-grup in college.

  4. This must be another PRthing that the Obamas insisted upon. Hard to see why the Brits should be interested. The Obamas are just horrible.