As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, February 18, 2011

11:30 am || Departs San Francisco for Portland, Ore.
1:05 pm || Arrives Portland
1:45 pm || Tours semiconductor manufacturing facility; Hillsboro, Ore.
2:25 pm || Views student demonstrations by Intel Science Talent Search finalists
2:35 pm || Delivers remarks on “the importance of out-educating our competitors in order to win the future”
4:00 pm || Departs Portland
8:45 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

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19 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, February 18, 2011

  1. The question of the day here is if David Wu is going to show up. After admitting several years ago about forcing himself on an old girlfriend in college, just after this past election most of his entire staff up and quit. No one is speaking up, only saying they will never work for Wu again. Rumors persist about drugs, alcohol and sex. Will he be at Obama’s side???

      • How is the Wu news going in DC? Have you seen his furry tiger outfit? People are thinking Wu maybe a “furry”. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. Wu also admitted to stop drinking lately and also admitted to being hospitalized after taking two different prescription drugs that were not prescribed to him.

  2. Question to the billionaire CEO’s meeting with President Obama this week:

    “What taxbreaks, compensation or healthcare reduction will your company be receiving since meeting with the President?”

  3. Re: 2:25 remarks
    What? We need to out-educate our competitors to WTF?
    Forget WTF, how do we out-educate anyone and who the heck are “our” competitors?
    It seems the speechwriters in the WH just put together a string of high falutin’ words that don’t make sense.
    Oh. I get it. The speechwriters are translating a speech once made by the DearLeader of NorthKorea into English.

    • I responded to a Craigs ad this week–the guy was going to start a sort of Career Disneyland type thing in Mesa AZ. He needed someone to research the careers as they would be in 2025. I could do that–he was weird, though, ordered me to some sites (incl one of a similar thing that went bust in FL), then never got back to me. Anyhow, this made me think of careers that will be available in 2025–I blogged on this recently, too–careers that will be hot in the next few yrs–a lot were “service,” paperwork, agents for manufacturers, freight forwarding, etc. This guy’s “venue” would have a little firehouse, a little hospital, costumes, etc., I think–not a bad idea–but would fireman even BE a great job–the pension would be what it was (instantly collectable), This is all changing–FAST!
      My post:

      • My translation of the jobs:
        service: blue collar/no collar work
        agent for manufacturer: anyone who works for a manufacturer of goods
        freight forwarding: dispatcher of trucks

        So many scams, Star.

          • OMG …………. SRDEM just used the abbreviation “WTF.” The sky is falling! :-)

            Agreed on all points.

            The words Obama uses are carefully chosen, bracketed, and ‘cleaned’ in order for it to make the most impact among the Marxist, left-wing press. Obama could care less if this nation were sold to the Chinese. All he is thinking about is one thing: I MUST get re-elected.

          • I don’t even know why he wants this job–doesn’t seem to have a passion for it or a talent. Just to not get defeated–an ego thing? Or is he really trying to bring us down for some weird reason?

          • Speaking of jobs..FEMA and Dept of Homeland Sec have tagged up with the Girl Scouts to make the youngsters more aware of disaster and long to be emergency response planners. I loved scouting, now I am a little scared.

          • Obama began running for office at Harvard. He was coiffed, polished and air-brushed to achieve the right effect: becoming electable. Once he entered the machine politics of Chicago (the most corrupt in the nation), he not only stabbed his former political mentor in the back but stepped on and pushed aside those who helped him achieve power in his Senate District.

            Entering Rev. Jeremiah Wrights church had nothing to do with a soul search for G-d – it was a chance to build his power base within the monied black community; although he probably did not buy into Wright’s controversial teachings, he built power among Wright’s flock – hard left black Socialists (mostly anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-Christian) who are business owners and politcal players.

            Now on the main stage, Obama’s flaws are coming due. He has turned his back on our our ally Israel (the only free nation in the Middle East), and is now reviled on the Arab street for stabbing Mubarak in the back, our ally of 30 years; did you notice the question from the Middle East reporter during Carney’s presser? Behind that question is a rumbling of anger that Obama is a sell-out, a cafeteria-Muslim, able to pick and choose who he wishes to support. Even long-time supporters of the U.S. in Saudi Arabia are now angry with us – because Obama would not stand firm.

            The flaws in Obama are painfully obvious: he has no personal standards, no beleifs, no ideas, no concept of what he is doing; he is opaque, what blacks call “a sellout” and is now becoming anathema within his own party … after leading the Democrats to their largest defeat in 70 years.

            Rush Limbaugh predicted that Obama would “destroy the Democrat Party.” If the Democrats do not remove him from 2012, they will lose.