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Photos from the Medal of Freedom Awards


Yesterday Obama hosted the Medal of Freedom awards ceremony in the East Room. I took some photos for you.

The event took a really long time. Here’s the list of recipients. They had to read all these people’s achievements twice. My sciatica started acting up. Just thought you wanted to know.

Barbara Bush's Hair. Photo by Keith KofflerBarbara Bush’s hair waits for its husband to appear.

George H.W. Bush. Photo by Keith KofflerAnd there he is, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, ready as always these days for for a good cry.

George H.W. Bush with Obama. Photo by Keith KofflerBush can jump out of airplanes, but walking is another matter. What are the chances he’s having trouble walking because he jumps out of airplanes?

Jean Kennedy Smith receives her Medal of FreedomJean Kennedy Smith gets her medal for doing good things and being Jean Kennedy Smith

William Kennedy Smith. Photo by Keith KofflerRemember this character? Why it’s Jean Kennedy Smith’s son, William Kennedy Smith, who stood trail in 1991 for rape after partying at Au Bar with Uncle Teddy. He was acquitted.

Here’s a better shot of him.

Stan Musial at the White House. Photo by Keith KofflerStan Musial prepares to receive his medal for playing great baseball and living until the age of 135.

Barack Obama at the 2011 Medal of Freedom ceremony. Photo by Keith KofflerObama brags that he’s already won the Nobel Peace Prize and will win this “rinky dink” award too.

Bill Russell gets Medal of Freedom award from ObamaBasketball great Bill Russell gets a good laugh as Obama has to reach up to put his medal on.

Rep. John Lewis at the White House after getting medal of freedom. Photo by Keith KofflerCivil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) is a little emotional at a news conference with reporters following his award.

10 Responses to Photos from the Medal of Freedom Awards

  1. Good for them.
    I’d like to propose my late Father for this award because:
    As a young man he took up a trowel to brick up the blast furnaces in a steel mill, married a lovely woman, put down his trowel and said goodbye to his wife to fight for his country, got shot at by Nazis at the Battle of Bastone, returned home to pick up his trowel, raised a large family of law-abiding children, paid his taxes, obeyed the law and was respected by the community for his contributions.
    He inspired everyone who knew him, served his country with honor and deserves the Medal of Freedom more than most of this year’s honorees.

  2. Three people I have no respect for: Maya Angelou, John Lewis and Chappaquiddick Kennedy’s son, the rich kid. Angelou and Lewis are both Marxists and the alleged rapist, well that’s typical of rich elite liberals: women are but a commodity to them (as it was to the Senator). “The Compound” was a sexual playground for the liberal-Marxist filfth that made pilgrimage to the prig and his family. Come to think Arnold married into the syndicate.

    They are now building another shrine to Chappaquiddick Teddy (whose presence at Arlington is about the most vile thing anyone could do – next to men who died in battle). I wonder if someone will build a $68,000,000 shrine to Mary Jo Kopechne?

    • I agree, Sr Dem…or my Dad who was a doc on a destroyer off Iwo went someone shouted–they are putting the flag on that rock, doc. Saw the first raising at a distance…it was re-enacted. Or my ex–for all his faults in civilian life, he was spec forces, a prisoner of the Pathet Lao for two weeks being dragged thru the jungle in bare feet. I’d like to see the pres do any of this–or anything present-day people do in our various wars. I guess the senior Bush was a pilot, so that’s one..

      • SRDEM, Star, the heroes in your life represent the best this country has to offer – one a WWII veteran of the Battle of the Bulge, the other an SF soldier / POW in Laos. Men like this are the heartbeat of our nation.

  3. This makes me very sad. I stumbled onto you by accident, actually looking for some photos of the Medal of Freedom recipients, and once again, I see the petty, nasty, uncivil nature that characterizes the Internet. And once again, I resolve NOT to use the Internet as a source of information because it has been appropriated by the hate-commentary represented by this site.

    Why don’t you try to be part of a solution to the problems, instead of inciting hate?

    • Accountability is tough medicine. Failing to criticize and satirize our leader leads to worse than hate. And those who would want to inhibit speech that makes them uncomfortable are gravely mistaken. Sorry about your accident.