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Obama’s Best Line of the Press Conference

It came after this meandering, question by Jackie Calmes of the New York Times.

You’ve correctly suggested that the media can be impatient about seeing you — seeing both sides come to a deal, but this is your third budget, your third year of your presidency.  You’ve said many times that you’d rather be a one-party — one-term President if it means you’ve done the hard things that need to be done.  Now, I know you’re not going to stand there and invite Republicans to the negotiating table today to start hashing it all out, but why not?  And since you’re not, though, what more are you doing to build the spirit of cooperation you mentioned earlier needs to happen before there is bipartisanship?

And finally, do you think the markets will wait two years?

Wow. Reporters do like to hear themselves talk. Who really cares what Jackie Calmes thinks about the impatience of the media? Just ask your damn question and sit down. Anyway, Obama gave the only proper response he could.

I should have written all this down, Jackie.  I’m running out of room here in my brain.

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3 Responses to Obama’s Best Line of the Press Conference

  1. Keith, sounds like (a.) she is upset with Obama *not* answering questions or (b.) is a chatty Cathy. Not sure which, but she seems perturbed (I watched the video) since the President just talks-talks-talks nonsense without saying a damn thing. ?

  2. I am curious about one thing. Is it possible to ask whatever question you like ? Has anyone ever asked Obama directly about his hidden records ?

    • Yes, you can ask whatever you want. But if you ask a question they think is way off base you may never get called on again. I am not sure if anyone has asked about his records. particularly the health records, which he never released as far as I remember, should be fair game. And I’ve never heard why his original birth certificate was not released though I don’t personally believe he was born outside the United States.