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Obama to Hold a Press Conference Today

The president will appear at 11:00 am. As a friend pointed out, this is rather an extreme measure to take just to give Jay Carney another day to prepare, don’t you think?

4 Responses to Obama to Hold a Press Conference Today

  1. He’s going to announce that he’s sick and tired of cleaning up GWBush’s messes.
    He’s going to announce that the Press won’t have Obama to kick around anymore.
    He’s going to announce that the Iranian leadership is actually a group of peace loving moderates.
    He’s going to announce that Martial Law in Egypt is the same thing as democracy in the US.
    He’s going to announce that he didn’t really quit smoking, doesn’t really “comb” his hair and the “JustForMen” box in the bathroom is actually a box of vitamins.

  2. *** Stop Press: Watch Prof. Naill Ferguson’s interview on MSNBC’s Meet the Press with Joe Scarborough ***

    Regarding Obama’s “amateurish attempt to set up a happy-clappy democracy:

    This is the *first* real briefing I think we (in the viewing public) have received on the events in Egypt outside the State-run liberal media about what is truly happening in Egypt … and its from an Englishman.

    In any event, its a great video with a different insight from Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson.

  3. On another subject–but still on the idea of truth time!–how about all the howling about the Reps recommending cuts in NIH. Oh, we can’t cut cancer research….boo hoo, etc. A doctor wrote an interesting letter to the WSJ today on how cancer research really did not increase US productivity, bec most cancer deaths occur among the retired–so productivity is not an issue. Very few pts die during their productive years, he noted. He has a wonderful array of $4 meds for lifestyle diseases. Immunizations have eliminated a lot of the killers of young people. What the phamcos can do–he says–to stimulate the economy has already been done! I thought it was interesting–of course, it sort of wends its way over to letting the oldies like me croak, no biggie.