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Obama Feels Your Pain Too

Oh boy, it’s 11 years since we had a president who feels your pain. But we got one.

“I definitely feel folks pain.”

That’s what President Obama said today during his press conference in answer to the question, “is the President feeling our pain?”

It could be true that the president feels your pain with his human half. But unfortunately, he went on to answer the question with his Vulcan half.

I — look, I definitely feel folks’ pain.

You almost feel like you want to be a case worker and just start picking up the phone and advocating for each of these people who are working hard, trying to do right by their families; oftentimes, through no fault of their own, they’ve had a tough time, particularly over these last couple of years.

So, yes, it’s frustrating.  But my job is to make sure that we’re focused over the long term:  Where is it that we need to go?  And the most important thing I can do as President is make sure that we’re living within our means, getting a budget that is sustainable, investing in the future and growing the economy.  If I do that, then that’s probably the most help I can give to the most number of people.

Bill Clinton would have had an anecdote, a tear in his eye, a wistfulness in his voice. He would have lowered his head and shook it gently and pursed his lips together with that little “It just isn’t right – why can’t those poor people get a break” look on his face.

Obama feels your pain and will salve it with “a budget that is sustainable.” This is where the teleprompter should have flashed, “Emote Now.”

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14 Responses to Obama Feels Your Pain Too

    • Powerline has a point and a good read on the Prez but they, like others who make the same observation, neglect to point the fingers at the NationalPress who say nothing, ask nothing and overlook what’s going on in the WH. The Press is no longer the objective observers and reporters they once were and the public is ill-served by their negligence of their constitutionally protected role in politics.

  1. Head.Just.Exploded.

    Is there a single person left in this world that believes he feels our pain? The only silver lining to garbage like this is that the more he spews this nonsense, the more he exposes himself as grossly out of touch with reality – and the more he reveals how truly dangerous he and this adminstration really are to this country.

    My disdain for this man knows no bounds.

    • Boundless disdain…I like that. I am reminded of the Senfeld line…Elaine looks at Jerry and says, “Underneath your surface there is more surface” or something like that.

  2. The Prez is just incredible; he knows our pain when we lose our homes to foreclosure, how painful it is to lose our jobs, how the pain of losing a loved one in a war that gets no respect, and how painful it is to watch our beloved country sink into a swamp of debt that will last for generations.

    The pain he feels is the knowledge that it’s HIS falling economy, his wars and his debt, that might prevent him from serving another term.

  3. If the telebinkie had flashed EMOTE NOW, he would have read off the words, “Emote now..” looked confused, rambled on… I am so SICK of this use of gonna, bunch, folks, the dropped final “g’s”–you are not like us, and you know it and you’re glad.

    • Thank you Star. The fact that our President can’t prounce words properly (corpse for corp, etc) not mention the lazy dropped g’s and slang is a sad statement of the quality of our leader. Again, I though he was supposed to be the smartest man in America? The other one that drives me crazy is how he pronounces “for”; he says “fer”. I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t start talking in text lingo next. “ROTFLMFAO at Joe”, the President was quoted.

      • Does he feel my pain over how bad “his” small business people are–I just spent 10 mins trying to log onto a webinar on women-owned businesses and how we could get into the contractinv game. I am in month four of trying to do this–all of the would-be participants who called in (not thrilled with the govt adding software to our computers) talked to each other about how we weren’t “in.” Then we hung up. You cannot believe what a CF this contracting thing is! Or maybe you can–I rant about it sometimes, don’t I? Well, it’s pain, Mr President! Feel it?

    • OMG…………..I laughed my A** off on that one. Good one Star. No doubt Obama would have done that, no doubt.

      I like the way he prounces Taliban: TAHL-ee-bahn.

      And Pakistan: POK-ee-stahn.

      He cannot pronounce it the way *Americans* pronounce it, he MUST prounounce it in Farsi light.