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A Press Secretary Primer

Politico’s Josh Gerstein canvassed some former White House press secretaries to get some unsolicited advice for Jay Carney, President Obama’s new mouthpiece. I like the piece because it gives you a good idea what would make a decent White House press secretary.

Of course, no one suggests giving honest answers to questions. A few press secretaries I’ve seen in the 14 years I’ve covered the place, most notably the late Tony Snow and Dana Perino, seemed to really try to do this during the briefings. Or at least they looked a little guilty when they had to mislead us.

4 thoughts on “A Press Secretary Primer”

  1. Keith, great point.

    The difference between the Obama White House and other administrations is that there is no one in the Captain’s chair – the ship of state is ‘all ahead full’ and there are no lookouts. Obama is running his Presidency like the first six months of Bill Clinton’s: completely on auto-pilot. There has been no decisions made other than the usual liberal “consensus” lathering up over health care and props for the Apology Tour. Everything else is left to the anti-Semitic, anti-American, pro-Arab liberal-Marxist main street media to conjure up policy and feed it through HuffPo, DailyKos, and MSNBC. After all … when there is no one at the helm leading the country you get statements like this:

    Mr. Panetta: “Where are we (currently getting the information? On CNN.”

    Mr. Clapper: “The (Muslim) Brotherhood is a purely secular organization.”

    In 30 years of watching politics in this country, I have to admit that this is THE most bizarre and confused bunch I have ever seen. A two-bit corrupt Chicago machine-politician as President, a mouthy, bumbling fool as VP, a closeted lesbian as Secretary of State and an Arabic-speaking, anti-Semitic Deputy National Security Advisor.

    God help us.

    1. What you wrote here seems to be pretty accurate. If there was a master plan or an agenda it seems to have run off the rails now that there’s no longer a Dem majority and this administration is just winging it.

      We do have to give MrO credit for the ‘transformation’ of our country; massive unemployment coupled with inflation is transforming to say the least.

      1. SRDEM, you have such a wonderful way in putting that …. I laughed when I read “transformation” (your hidden sarcasm).

        As much as I detest the Obama Administration, I was mesmerized by the bumbling, cocktail-swilling, elite, nose-above-the-clouds Republicans who not only put together the Iraq Invasion but while sipping martini’s at the Willard Room, they forgot (oops) to organize for, er, the *withdrawal.* We won the war … we should have LEFT — and let the Islamists fight it out, not spend hard-earned U.S. tax payer dollars building fire stations. I detest Obama’s radicalism but Bush’s insane planning and spending was just as bad. I voted for Bush because Kerry was a Communist-sympathizer during the Vietnam War and remains one to this day. Gore is simply a fool (and remains one to this day).

        And then … I watch CPAC and listen to more politicians tell me what they are going to give me.

        For heaven’s sakes … lets not elect another Bushama.

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