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Obama Holds Press Conference for Middle Schoolers

Hey, at least they got some honest answers out of a sitting president. That’s better than the White House press corps does. From the pool report:

After delivering his statement, Obama came down to the cafeteria, where several hundred noisy and excited students, without food, were waiting. A sign on wall said, “Positive, Motivated and Safe.”

Here-come-the-Beatles 12-year-old girl screams when Obama walked in. Obama’s mic initially did not work, and was replaced.

When asked what it is like to be president, Obama complained about the bubble and said, “Some days you are burdened by some really tough decisions. .. Some of you may have family members in Afghanistan for example. . .Some of them get hurt, some of them get killed, so you feel the responsibility that is profound”

On the bubble, he complained, “If you want to go to the corner store to buy some shaving cream or if (I) feel like taking a walk with Bo,” he can’t “do anything spontaneous.” “You always have to shave and comb your hair. You can’t just roll out of bed.”

The second question about stress: ” There are stresses involved being the principal of a middle school.” He also mentioned being a teacher. “There aren’t that many jobs out there where you just kind of sit back and have fun all the time.. . But that’s part of growing up.”

He said he feels good when at the end of the day he has done his best. He is bothered when he feels at the end of the day that he could have done better.

After the second question, he shook the hands of the students in the front row, audibly frustrating a group of mostly girls on a back table.

He left the room straight to motorcade. At 11 am we are rolling back to helicopters.

Well it’s good to know the president is growing up.

But, oh man, couldn’t he have been a little less trite? Being a teacher is tough BUT IT DOESN’T COMPARE TO BEING PRESIDENT AND EVEN THESE LITTLE KIDS KNOW THAT!

I guess he didn’t offer follow ups or they would have knocked that one right down.

3 Responses to Obama Holds Press Conference for Middle Schoolers

  1. Aw, man–really? If your Mom is in Afghanistan I will feel bad if she gets KILLED? Yeah–that’s all about you. You ahve to comb your hair? The bubble? This is so lame two crutches would not help.

  2. “Positive, Motivated and Safe.” and “Hungry” (maybe today was chicken nugget and tater tots day, and they had to wait for him to leave, lest he tell Michelle).

  3. Bubble my ass.

    Stop whining. GET TO WORK, Mr. Obama. Stop bitching and moaning and do your job. Stop complaining that things don’t go your way and “people get hurt.” Stop blaming others for your failures of leadership. Maybe if you spent more time at Harvard *learning* American history and studying American heroes, you would have spent less time ” … actively seeking out Marxist professors and Chicano power brokers” and you would not be in such a pickle.