As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, February 14, 2011

9:20 am || Departs White House en route to Baltimore
10:10 am || Visits science classroom; Parkville Middle School and Center of Technology
10:20 am || Delivers remarks on education and other budget priorities
11:45 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern
No briefing by the press secretary today. It looks like Jay Carney’s first briefing will be Tuesday

12 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, February 14, 2011

  1. What to ask at the Presser:
    Now that Egypt no longer has a constitution and is under Martial Law do we still think that the Egyptians are “free”
    Does the WH also want JusticeThomas to recuse himself from deciding on the constitutionality of Obamacare
    Was MrsO calling for illegal aliens to commit civil disobedience by demonstrating their support for amnesty on the Spanish radio program
    Considering the world-wide inflation of food products, will the WH lower the restrictions on American farmers to boost crop production
    Considering the world-wide inflation of oil prices, will the WH re-consider their bans against off-shore and Alaskan drilling
    How does the WH justify cutting the defense budget when we’re engaged in a war in 2 countries
    Just trying to help here.

    • What to ask at the presser:

      “Jay, Moumar Gadhaffi has called on Palestinians to rise up in revolt against the Israeli’s. Jay, will the President stand behind Israel unequivacably and condemn this rhetoric?”

      Carney: “I am not a, uh, U.N. observer. A peace official. A traffic cop. I am not an imam in Libya, I am, well, ok, look, what Mr. Gadhaffi said was that Palestinians have the right to live, you know, ok, I am not a Palestinian. I like hummus and flatbread, but as we know those items must be eaten strategically, not categorically, aestetically, not caustically but casually, in, er, a small shop in Ramallah using Greek feta cheese, a side of olive oil and crushed wallnuts. Next question?”

      —–> I bet everyone on WHD a dollar to a donut that the WH will distance itself from Israel, or Carney will ‘tell a Gibb.’

      • Well … the pork-barrell items.

        There are a slew of billion-dollar toys that need to the go the way of the amphibious tank. Save that money and give the troops a higher uniform allowance / up the CHAMPUS insurance / give officers a larger BOQ allowance / and pay for better medical.

        We spent $350,000,000 just *testing* the tank-to-nowhere.

        MEMO TO THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT: Remember those M-1 Garand rifles your father used? They still work. In fact, the .30-.06 round can hit a target farther and faster than the current 5.56mm and wont ‘tumble’ like the M-16.

        We have billions in surplus equipment thats good. The problem is the ‘perfumed princes’ in the Defense Department are using that money to pay for personal chefs and mansions for Generals, ridiculous crap.

        COL David Hackworth wrote two great books – ABOUT FACE and STEEL MY SOLDIERS HEARTS. You will find out about waste and abuse in the military (its legendary). They also have a website:

        Soldiers for the Truth (SFTT)

        Find out how Generals live like King’s while married enlisted men are on food stamps (I saw in the military when I was stationed at Fort Hood and worked at Battalion HQ).

        Eisenhower’s admonition about the “undue influence of the military industrial complex” was keenly stated.

        I have a hard time understanding why a 4-star General who lives in posh Arlington, VA has a chocolate chef?

    • GJ: I just watched your video and received the best introduction to just WHAT Mrs. Obama wears! (Love the Madonna track!) To be honest here folks …. I think she dresses down. I am not a fashion mogul and I know nothing about women (or men’s) fashion since I wear workout clothes all day, but for heaven’s sakes she dresses like a highschooler when she needs to be in pearls and a black dress. She dresses in a near tube top when she visits students! Ladies must dress like ladies. And the diginity of that position requires her to wear items that distinquish her as the First Lady, not as a way to impress People Magazine or fleet street.