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Reports: Mubarak Resigns as Egypt’s President

Al Jazeera is reporting that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resigned and handed power over to the armed forces. Mubarak has left Cairo for his resort home at Sharm el-Sheik.

1 thought on “Reports: Mubarak Resigns as Egypt’s President”

  1. 1. The most cohesive underground (now open) party is the Muslim Brotherhood: Islamic, violent, virulent, anti-Israel. Can they engineer an election victory (or majority coalition) if elections are held?

    2. The Army Council is very strong and may rule by decree, maintaining the status-quo. Will the Army allow the MB into an electoral run? Can the Army maintain the Israel-Egypt peace?

    3. The Obama White House. I am interested to see how John Brennan, a fluent Arabic speaker, one of the stable experts, an avid pro-Islamist anti-Semite, will spin the removal of Mubarak and the “New Egypt.” How will Plouffe spin this? How will the State-run media spin this IN CORDINATION with the White House to make Obama the hero? In short, how can this event be used to make Obama look good (better)?

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