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Plouffe Engineers New White House Order

Want to make sure you have the opportunity to check out today’s piece by Glenn Thrush in Politico about David Plouffe, the new senior White House adviser.

Plouffe is described as a kind of Rahm in Reverse, harboring the former chief of staff’s intensity but channeling it into a low key, highly organized disposition.

Plouffe, in Thrush’s telling, is bringing a new sense of order and message discipline to the White House. He may put the “openness White House” nonsense on the shelf for good: Plouffe privately refers to the press as “the Jackals.”

Thrush says Plouffe is working well with Chief of Staff William Daley, another no-nonsense type who was tapped to provide adult supervision to the West Wing Playground.

3 thoughts on “Plouffe Engineers New White House Order”

  1. Good luck to MrPlouffe in his quest to make the Prez look Presidential while MrO campaigns like a Chicago way political hack. Sending the POTUS to various college campus venues, small and large businesses that have received Federal monies and sending the FLOTUS on a global tour to promote the fight against obese children isn’t going to work with the public.
    Every time either of the O’s boards a plane, the irritation factor raises another notch because the public sees these junkets as, well, junkets.

  2. Bullsh*t.

    Plouffe, like Gibbs and the other Marxicrat elites see the media (even the State-run liberal media) as the enemy. Worse than the enemy is the new media –> White House Dossier,, and others. Plouffe is nothing more than another modern-day, sweet-smelling, propagandist who will attempt a different tac with the media and the American public, to sell the Marxist policies of our anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Christian bigoted leader.

    Plouffe will reshuffle the desk, play word games and attempt to quiet down the current beleif that the Obama Administration is “out of touch.” After all, CIA Director Pineta —- our American 007 — received all his hard intelligence from CNN broadcasts.

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