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Obama Offers Tribute to Egyptian Protestors

President Obama this afternoon offered an eloquent tribute to the Egyptian revolutionaries who toppled Hosni Mubarak, invoking¬† the fall of the Berlin Wall and other “the echoes of history” to mark the magnitude of the events.

“As Martin Luther Kind said . . .¬† there’ something in the soul that cries out for freedom,” Obama said. He noted the peaceful nature of the protests, saying it was “nonviolence – moral force – that bent the arc of history toward justice one more.”

And tribute away Obama must, as many protesters associate the United States with decades of support for Mubarak and an equivocal policy over the past week that saw the White House alternately standing behind its longtime ally and trying to shove him aside.

Obama said he was optimistic about the future, even as Egypt now enters a highly perilous moment when extremists might try to seize power.

“I’m sure there will be difficult days ahead,” he said. “But I’m confident that the people of Egypt can find the answers, and do so peacefully.”

Obama suggested the very organization many fear could establish Islamist rule in the country – the Muslim Brotherhood – must be included in the process of forming a new government, saying those conducting the transition must bring “all of Egypt’s voices to the table.”

8 thoughts on “Obama Offers Tribute to Egyptian Protestors”

  1. I have lost *all* respect for our President, since he has sided with the Egyptian Nazi’s of the Muslim Brotherhood (not that I had any before). The President had the chance to stand against hatred, bigotry, racism and anti-Semetism, use the podium to stand firm for Israel, survivors of the Holocaust (who faced Muslim SS soldiers during the Second World War) and for Israeli’s who are victims of Islamic terrrorism …. but chose to use his office to side with pan-Arab Islamist bigots of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    —- > cue music for the Horst Wessel Leid.

  2. Mr. Obama, in his statement, talked about “interfaith prayer in Tahrir Square.”


    All I saw Mr. President were Islamists and Christians praying. Interestingly, no Jews were present. Mr. President, you wonder WHY there were no Jews present? Because Judaism is “a gutter religion” (Jesse Jackson), a “vile Hebrew affliction” (Al Sharpton) and “… a Zionist curse on civilization.” The last statement was made by your new buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood and was posted on their website, before it was scrubbed two weeks ago.

  3. Would that he could be as gracious to the tea party ‘revolutionaries’ who toppled the Democratic stronghold on Congress last year. The people called out for fiscal restraint and the repealing of a law they felt was bad but the sitting powers refused to listen.
    The resulting coup was from the people who acted peacefully and within the rights of our constitution.

  4. If you have not read Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s article at Huffington Post on Obama and Egypt, please do so:

    Then, scroll down and read the anti-Semitic comments by its liberal-Marxist readers against this wonderful Jewish Rabbi.

    Once more, liberal anti-Semites (Obama voters) find enough time to leave their internet cross burning, long enough to post their comments against Israel, America, freedom, “the Jewish state”, the Rabbi, Christians and George Bush.

    Today’s modern, “educated” liberals are coffee-can-hat-wearing Nazi’s.

  5. The part that bothered me was when he told about the Egyptian who made the comment that it was the first time he felt his voice was heard. Since taking office Obama has not wanted to hear voices which offered a different viewpoint than his. He and his team spent most all of 2009 passing his Obamacare knowing full well that the polls stated that 60% opposed it. Also, recall Obama make the comment that the Republicans can come along but they would have to sit in the back. I have felt since he took office that my voice does not count.

    Just how can anyone trust the Muslim Brotherhood knowing their track record? They are the type who given a inch will take a mile.

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