As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 10, 2011

9:20 am || Departs White House
11:40 am || Arrives in Marquette, Mich.
1:15 pm || Views the Northern Michigan University’s WiMAX demonstration
1:30 pm || Delivers remarks on the National Wireless Initiative
3:00 pm || Departs Marquette
5:10 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

12 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 10, 2011

  1. Anybody hear DNI Clapper’s comments during Congressional testimony on the Muslim Brotherhood? Clapper said MB was not Islamic but “secular.”

    Richard Engel, MSNBC’s man in Cairo told Andrea Mitchell that that comment was incredibly naive.

        • Remember guys – Clapper and Brennan are both *VIRULENT* pro-Islamists (as well as General James Jones), they border on anti-Semitism, but always pull back at the right time. Gen. Jones anti-Semitic joke during a presser was so ridiculous he should have been SACKED. But since it was against Jews, who gave a damn? Jews don’t rate as high as Islam at State or in the Defence Department anyway.

          Brennan is a vicious, *VILE* pro-Islamist … so I am not suprised that Clapper has joined him in the coloring over the Brotherhood’s terrorism.

          ITEM: The Muslim Brotherhood was behind the *massacre* of Fatah government employees when they took control of Gaza. They lined up Fatah administrators and executed them point blank in the street with bullets to the back of the head.

  2. If pigs learn to fly and the President’s wish for NationalWireless access comes true, will the President deem that we all have computers and that wireless access is “free”? Of course not, but many may belive that it will.

    Perhaps the Prez and his speech writers haven’t heard of satellite radio or TV and how it brings wireless access to the millions who live outside of major metropolitian communication areas. They probably don’t even know that NASA was involved in the satellite GPS, cellphone and mass media revolution. America doesn’t need any more access to electronic gadgets, Americans NEED jobs and a safe, secure future.

  3. I appears to me a pattern is developing. It seems that every Thursday is travel day for Obama. I did a Google. Per one estimate it cost about $63,000 an hour to operate Air Force One and the C130 cargo plane which goes along with it. I also Googled how much it cost to operate the White House. Per one source would you believe $1.5 billion a year!!

    Washington should get smaller and the States should get larger. More decisions should be made on the state and local levels. It does not make sense for money to be sent to Washington and they in turn return a portion of it. Of course, they have to keep some for themselves and put strings on how it is spent.

    • Good observation, Old Timer.
      Starting in March the Obamas are going to be doing a lot of international travel. A whirlwind world tour on the taxpayer’s dime. As a matter of fact Michelle O said she would be traveling alone and bringing her campaign against obesity global.
      I turned that into a video. If you are of a sensitive nature don’t bother watching. As I’ve said before if Mrs O doesn’t want to be caught in photos looking like that, then she shouldn’t dress like that.

      • Oh, what a video!
        Whatever is she thinking going ‘global’ and what about the 50million people in America living on food stamps.
        Her ‘global’ tour is just an excuse to fly and vacation at our expense.

      • In the words of the valley girl: UH MA GAH!

        Granny Jan, I just watched that video. OMG. I do NOT want to be within 2,000 feet of you and a black helicopter!!!! Great video … BITING. If you have not watched this video, click on her link. Wow, you really do a great job showing her unbridled HYPOCRISY as the First Lady …. great job GJ! Two zuchinni’s up!