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Egyptian Ambassador: Mubarak Transfers Power

Speaking just moments ago on CNN, the Egyptian ambassador to the United States said Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has transfered all of “the powers of the presidency” to Vice President Omar Suleiman and remains president in name only.

“The head of state of Egypt is the president, who has transferred all his powers to the vice president,” said Ambassador Sameh Shoukry.

Suleiman is now in charge of the country and the armed forces, according to Shoukry, who said he is getting his information from Suleiman and wanted to clarify confusion about Mubarak’s status. Prior to Shoukry’s statement, reports appeared to indicate that Mubarak had not ceded power.

“He remains the de jure head of state,” Shoukry said of Mubarak. But Suleiman is the “de facto” president. Neither Suleiman nor Mubarak can dismiss the Cabinet or parliament, Shoukry said.

Suleiman also has the power to end the state of emergency that has existed in Egypt for three decades, according to Shoukry.

But Shoukry could not say whether Mubarak would be able to retrieve his powers at some point in the future.

President Obama has returned to the White House from his trip to Marquette, Mich. and was scheduled to begin meeting with national security aides to discuss the situation in Egypt.

Obama watched Mubarak’s speech on TV in the conference room on Air Force One.

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4 Responses to Egyptian Ambassador: Mubarak Transfers Power

  1. Yes, I believe he transferred his power to his VP and tomorrow it will snow in Phoenix. I believe MrO never tells a lie and our elected Congress will balance the budget and reduce the deficit.

    Hindsight/20-20 and all that, perhaps MrO should have waited for more intel from Egypt before demanding that MrMubarak step down. Anyway, it’s good to know that our President gives great importance to the people who demonstrate against the government in power. The tea party supporters were surprised by this new outlook of MrO and in response are planning a huge demonstration sometime this spring.

  2. Mubarek still holds the reigns of power.

    But tomorrow the showdown begins: the march to the Presidential Palace by the mob, the cordon of the pratoereon guard (probabaly Egyptian paratroopers and special forces) the rush to the gates, the staccato sound of machinegun fire, the casualties. No telling what will happen.

    One thing is for sure: Obama needs to keep his mouth SHUT … and wait 48-72 hours to make a statement. David Gergen said something interesting tonight on CNN: tell the Egyptian people on live t.v. that you will deal *only* with Sulieman, not Mubarek, end of story. I think its a good way, a middle way, a fair way out.