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White House Pretends to Provide a “Readout”

I always enjoy a good laugh when the White House releases a “readout” of a meeting.

Take a look at the statement below. It’s a decent sized paragraph that says absolutely nothing. Why take up perfectly good cyberspace with something like this? The Bush people did the same, except they provided even less information, as impossible as that seems.

This is a way for the White House to pretend it’s keeping reporters informed, and for reporters to pretend they’ve been informed. Many will actually write something off the statement. And then everyone can pretend they’ve done their jobs and duly informed the public of the important matters their leaders are engaged in.


Office of the Press Secretary


February 9, 2011

Readout of National Security Advisor Tom Donilon’s meeting with Secretary Clinton, Secretary Gates and Israeli Minister of Defense Barak

National Security Advisor Donilon, Secretary of State Clinton, and Secretary of Defense Gates met jointly today with Israeli Minister of Defense Barak.  They stressed the United States’ unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security, including through our continued support for Israel’s military, and the unprecedented security cooperation between our two governments.  Mr. Donilon, Secretary Clinton, and Secretary Gates discussed with Minister Barak the latest developments in Egypt, the need to move forward on Middle East peace, our efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and other regional and bilateral issues.  They agreed that the U.S. and Israel would continue to consult closely on common challenges and issues across our shared agenda.

9 Responses to White House Pretends to Provide a “Readout”

  1. The point of no return cometh soon I think… Israel wants to wrap it up with the mullahs before the problem is too far out of control.
    (Coming soon.)

  2. This is a non-issue.

    Obama, a bigoted, left-wing anti-Semite – a man who calls the call Islamic call to prayer the “greatest sound in the world” (you would think it would be his wife during coupling); Secretary Clinton, a closeted anti-Semite (as well as a closeted lesbian) who spent time hugging the wife of the pedophile-terrorist Yassir Arafat during many, many meetings and who sat on the dais (silently) while Arafat’s million-dollar wife all but called for the heads of the Israeli leaders back in the 90’s; Donilon an educated idiot and Secretary Gates … a liberal Republican.


    The only person with any schmutz in that meeting was Ehud Barak … a former Israeli Commando whose kicked ass and took names against Islamic (and West German) terrorists.

    Fire Gates, Donilon and Clinton and hire Barak as a one-man State Department.

  3. Their meetings remind me of those I had to attend in a former job. Even as an underling at the time I would leave scratching my head asking myself “what did we just discuss? Was anything actually accomplished?” The answers were usually nothing and no. It’s sad that that is the status quo for the highest office in the land.

    I think there is a seminar in the Marriott this week that discusses “How to conduct effective meetings”. I will pay for two or three of our leaders to attend.

        • When they show those pool pix of his meetings, I wonder how ridiculous all those grown people feel sitting there being called on by this guy, etc. I used to try to shorten meetings–sum up…
          “Um, OK, here is where I see we are…” Then it dawned on me that some people liked to be there–it beat working. So maybe the cabinet doesn’t mind crossing town for these photo ops and breaking up the workday.

      • And I am willing to bet not much is discussed. He listens to reports maybe that they read out of briefing books their staffs prepare. He rambles a bit. They don’t vote. And do you think anything is really decided. What gets decided is decided by ad agency guys or other people he brought or gets from Chicago, including JarJar or whatever you guys call her. The same is true of all those Hill committee meetings–the staffs brief the bosses on how to get on TV. Usually the statements of the witnesses are not even read (I used to write those) and are just put in the record later. How the members get on TV is to ask a good gotcha question–mission accomplished. The witesses also get to correct the transcript later–they are not supposed to take out the bad parts or change a yes to a no, but it happens.