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Obama Sticks GOP Leaders With a Healthy Lunch

Poor Boehner. He had to sit for an hour at the White House without a cigarette, so he must of at least hoped to get an unhealthy meal. But, slammed for offering junk food during the Super Bowl, President Obama laid out only healthy tastings for the Speaker, House GOP Leader Cantor, and House GOP Whip McCarty at today’s White House lunch.

According to Politico, the meal consisted of salad, salmon with rice, a vegetable medley, an apple dessert and coffee.

We are discussing the meal here because there’s no word yet of anything substantive to emerge from the discussions. Here’s the kind of crap that’s come out so far. Again, from Politico:

“There was a sincere desire by both sides to find areas of common ground,” a Boehner aide said. On deficit reduction, the aide added, the principals agreed that “spending cuts need to start now,” without getting specific.

Well, looks like two years of getting nothing done might be ahead of us. They’ll spend this year maybe squeaking through the South Korea free trade deal and having a big fight over the budget, and then next year trying to stab each others’ eyes out, right through Election Day.

But it’ll be fun.

5 Responses to Obama Sticks GOP Leaders With a Healthy Lunch

  1. Yesterday, at Michelle O’s luncheon for the print ladies were served encrusted leg of lamb and key lime tart. I’m sure it she hadn’t been talking about our fat kid’s behinds it would have been even more fat-laden.
    They also had fresh greens from her February garden Whole Foods.

    The most mindboggling thing she said was that she is going to take her obesity campaign global as first tourist. Feed the Children will become Don’t Feed the Children. Maybe, she can visit Haiti again so they can hear her obesity message.

    Have any two people ever received such unreflective reporting from the media. Are the reporters lazy, stupid, in the tank or all three?

  2. Keith,

    Comments that you make, like:

    “Here’s the kind of crap that’s come out so far.”

    … is the reason I am on this website! Your able to cut through the bullshit without using anything other that this special word. :-)

    The WH luncheon was not a meeting. We are looking at All Quiet on the Western Front. Obama will be taking the German side … and like good progressives, they will go down fighting (and loosing) in the next election.

    All the Republicans have to do is say ‘no’ to *every* single Marxicrat proposal and stand firm. I am not sure if rich, old, sagging-waistline, white, cocktail-swilling Republican male’s can carry this off (the one from New York had a great waistline though).

    • Not at all Star! :-) The White House menu is excellent.

      ITEM: Americans should not have good food forced down their gullet. It’s about freedom, not nutrition.