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Boehner Heads to White House Despite Obama’s Practical Joke

You know, I think it’s REALLY BIG of Boehner to go over to the White House today even after Obama and Biden SET HIM UP by making him cry at the State of the Union. Look at the president and the veep enjoying there little joke. It just makes me sick.

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  1. I LOVE to see *real* men cry. Especially when its heartfelt and real. [ We all remember Bill Clinton leaving a political funeral laughing and upon seeing the media, wiping away a fake tear ].

    Although I am at odds with Boehner on most things, I beleive that a heart-felt, deep, emotional feeling within is best expressed ‘without’ when men stand and present their true feelings, especially politicians and let it all hang out. Boehner is easily touched by comments about his upbringing, our nation, our troops. I think its wonderful.

    It was sad to see that when Mr. and Mrs. Obama toured the burn ward at the Navy Hospital (filled with the most atrocious war wounds from Iraq and Afghanistan) they emerged …. untouched. No comments, no tears, no emotion. When Mr. and Mrs. Bush emerged, they were visibly moved. When George H. W. Bush (and Barbara) emerged, they could not speak they were so distraught; Pres. Bush was so overcome a burn case grabbed hold of him and held him while he cried. Obama’s sincere lack of emotion, even upon viewing the most gruesome spectacles of war, shows an elitist detachment.

    I remember the story of Boehner going into the Marine Barracks at 8th & I and talking to the troops, but breaking down halfway through and stating, “… you are our heroes.” Not a dry eye in the house.

    • I more or less agree. The maligned Bush still visits the troops–sans cameras. But isn’t Boehner overdoing the labile emoion bit a little? Maybe he can’t control it…it may be a quirk we just get used to. You know…like “Let me be very clear…”.

      • Star, I dont think he can control it. I think he is a very emotive, emotional man; tears are hard to manufacture (unless your Lindsay Lohan, at the moment of sentencing).

          • pauk, you are looking at Obama with blind eyes. I can easily understand why someone voted for him, but after two years of his lies, spending sprees and complete lack of involvement, I just do not see how anyone could still support him.

  2. Feb.9, 2011
    Obama fears no one except Boehner. Boehner has the ability to initiate the impeachment of Obama. Not for frivolous reasons. But there are many legal reasons for impeachment. High on the list is, that even though Obama may have been born in Hawaii, he obtained and used an Indonesian passport, also that he reiceived his entire public school education in Indonesia, as an Indonesian Citizen, where he was known by two names, Barry Soetoro and Barak Durham, not by Barack Hussein Obama.
    Another serious, in my opinion, reason, is that his appointment of many czars (commissars), is not democratic, it is the setting up of a Facist State. But there are many other reasons given by others, that he should not be president, for legal reasons.
    He fears only Boehner, whose sin is smoking. By the way, if anything were ever found against Biden, the inheritor of the presidency would be Boehner.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Laurence S. Eraut

  3. I’ll take him crying over someone else’s hands digging in my pockets any day. I actually prefer seeing Boehner’s nose between those teary eyes – as opposed to being up someone’s behind like the other half of the crowd!