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Obama: “I Love You, Money Grubbing Business People”

Obama’s appearance Monday before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce proved that America’s no nonsense business people aren’t buying the new business-friendly President Obama one bit.

They cheered only twice during Obama’s speech, and one time was when he suddenly said, “Free ham sandwiches for everyone!”

Alright, he didn’t say that. They actually they applauded when he said,

As far as exports are concerned, that means seeking new opportunities and opening new markets for your goods.  And I will tell you I will go anywhere anytime to be a booster for American businesses, American workers and American products.

OK. The man has negotiated zero trade agreements and gotten Congress to pass none of the deals Bush negotiated that are still pending. But I guess they figured this was a start.

And they applauded when he said, “now is the time to invest in America.” So I suppose it is.

Obama’s problem with this crowd is that they are successful businessmen and women and they know snake oil when they see it.

The president just a few months ago was accusing the very same Chamber of Commerce, without a trace of evidence, of funneling foreign money into the 2010 campaign.

They know that his new health care law is stocked with burdensome provisions that will delete from the bottom line, particularly for small businesses. The law provides for universal health care, for sure, but let’s not pretend it’s good for business.

They know that agencies from the Treasury Department to the EPA are preparing new regulations that may or may not prevent financial abuses and firm up the ice under polar bears, but which are surely going to create new costs for businesses.

Obama was met with stoney silence as he celebrated the new “investments” that will be included in his next budget.

That’s why we’re making investments today in the next generation of big ideas – in biotechnology, in information technology and in clean energy technology.

You see, business leaders know “investments” are dressed up spending that someone – they or their customers – will have to pay for with taxes.

Just today, the Wall Street Journal revealed a new tax Obama is planning for business.

The proposal would aim to restock strained state unemployment-insurance trust funds by raising the amount of wages on which companies must pay unemployment taxes to $15,000, more than double the $7,000 in place since 1983. The plan, which would take effect in 2014, could increase payroll taxes by as much as $100 billion over a decade, according to a person involved in its construction.

The former community organizer, who spent the first two years of his presidency spending their money, tried to tell these business people they weren’t seeing the real Obama.

[The recession] meant a series of emergency measures that I would not have undertaken under normal circumstances, but that were necessary to stop our economy from falling off a cliff.

He said he knows how tight things are for people trying to make payroll.

I understand the challenges you face. I understand you are under incredible pressure to cut costs and keep your margins up.  I understand the significance of your obligations to your shareholders and the pressures that are created by quarterly reports. I get it.

Well, they get it too.

8 Responses to Obama: “I Love You, Money Grubbing Business People”

  1. I was quite suprised to hear that Obama was even SPEAKING to them, much less in person! Heavens. The man all but turned the Justice Department loose on the organization. I understand WHY Tom Donohue invited him to speak, but they received the usual Socialist rhetoric (“thou shalt not make a dollar without Caesar”) packaged in the same, ubiquitous, stiff manner. Just wait until the payroll taxes start increasing in ’14 … when that happens, businesses, oganizations and trade groups will start UNINVITING Obama.

  2. I can’t stand it. He talks like exports is some brand new idea, why it’s just amazing! People have been clued in on the no export all import extrapolation–where it all will end up–since the ’80s and now the pres. thinks business leaders have been totally unaware, they are awestruck by this brilliant idea. It must be hard to sit there and try to display some due respect for the office.

    • I liked how he said he would go anywhere and bow to anyone to “help” these dudes out–would you let this man bash around the Paris Air Show explaining the airplane sales game to people and making deals? Shudder.