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Gibbs Doesn’t Do a Lot of Things

One of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ favorite evasion strategies is professing that he is unable to answer a question because he is not a member of the profession covered by the question. “I am not an attorney,” is a favorite, for example.

Gibbs is good at false modesty. He’s as smart and savvy as they come, and I think underrated as a press secretary. That is, he knows exactly when to evade, and exactly when to respond, and exactly how to turn a question into a recitation of the White House position and accomplishments.

Reporters complain a lot about him because they think he’s not responsive enough and doesn’t give them enough info. And they need to GET SOME SOURCES.

I doubt Woodward and Bernstein ever had a question for the White House press secretary, except as a courtesy to get a comment on news they had dug up somewhere else.

Anyhoo, Politico has put together a nice compilation of Gibbs’ recitations of the jobs he doesn’t do. There’s of things he doesn’t know. Which makes his life a lot easier.

5 Responses to Gibbs Doesn’t Do a Lot of Things

  1. Back in the day, before cable and internet, the main voices were on the evening news and our daily newspaper. Today, the political news gets lost in the mish-mash of national and global trivia. Young people think SNL and comedy shows are the ‘news’ and believe what they’re watching is real.
    Millions of people still think MrsPalin said she can see Russia from her home when it was really an actress portraying her on SNL.

    So, MrGibbs says next to nothing newsworthy in the Pressers and that seems to be the end of it. The newspeople sitting in the folding chairs ask puffball questions, don’t get a serious answer and then shut up.
    So, whose fault is that?
    Us yokels in flyover country get our info from many sources, trying to unwind the spin and get to the truth. We pass it along to others and hope for the best. The tea party movement was a massive communication undertaking that only took months to accomplish, and it’s main goal was to overcome the lefty MSM’s spin on everything coming out of DC.

    • Were lucky to have the new media: White House Dossier, FOX, Daily Caller, The Blaze and other sources. WITHOUT these sources, we would be paralyzed upon the alter of the extremist views of the far left, Marxist, main stream media. Gibbs and the Obama Administration are but a throwback to 1969. The last gasp of Socialist do-goodism disguised as politics.