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Michelle Obama Serving Up a High Fat Diet

First Lady Michelle Obama is out campaigning for the nation’s kids to eat healthy, but meanwhile she is trying to clog the arteries of her White House guests with fabulously fatty food.

At Sunday’s White House Super Bowl party, you would think the Obamas would be serving a nice chicken caesar salad and a fruit plate, right? But no, the first lady, who in fact is rarely seen without her fist around an ice cream cone, is offering hot dogs, hamburgers and cookies to her guests, who include J-Lo, Marc Anthony, Eric Holder, and the congressional delegations from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

COOKIES??? It’s an outrage!! I mean, the number of people who have heart attacks during the Super Bowl must already be quite significant.

I think the surgeon general needs to be on hand.

This after Mrs. Obama’s attempt to poison Chinese President Hu Jintao last month with his State Dinner meal, which included lemon sorbet, dry aged rib eye, buttermilk crisp onions, double stuffed potatoes, creamed spinach, and “old fashioned apple pie with vanilla ice cream.”

We all know what “old fashioned” is code for: Lots of fat and sugar!

Maybe at the next White House event, the Obamas will force their guests to consume items off the new public school lunch menu they’ve devised. Like the nation’s kids, White House partiers could feast on raw baby carrots, steamed broccoli, and cooked green beans.

That would at least have the Salahis thinking twice before they crashed their next party.

14 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Serving Up a High Fat Diet”

  1. Don’t forget the Surgeon Gen is so “fat” she might not make it through the game, much less be applying the paddles to the cookie-monsters.

    1. So true. The last photo I saw of the SG she was pretty wide and not so tall. That’s probably the reason she was never included in the FatKidsBehind or the HungryStarvingSchoolChildren’s projects that MrsO was pushing.

  2. I swear this administration is made up of some aliens who left their travelling pods somewhere in Chicago. Americans do NOT serve hot dogs, hamburgers and cookies at SuperBowl parties; they serve hot wings, pizza, meatball sammies, chips&dips and for dessert, Beer.

    1. RE: SUPER BOWL. The NFL is a conglomeration of rich, over-paid, sissified, wussified, i-cant-play-because-of-a-hangnail NFL players. I stopped watching pro football after Tom Landry was unceremoniously fired by the pompodor fruitcake from Arkansas. During the Super Bowl, I will be at the gym.

      RE: SUPER BOWL PARTY AT THE WHITE HOUSE. Someone in the Senate Republican leadership need to take Pat Toomey aside afterwards and tell him you *DO NOT* hobnob with anti-American, anti-Semitic bigots like the President. Just because you have been invited does not mean you go. Obama is anathema to *everything* we stand for; Toomey should have sent a nice letter and said, “no thanks.”

      RE: MICHELLE OBAMA. I agre with JE’s comment —-> the food served will be purchased from that top-shelf gourmet store in Arlington that Harry Reid frequents: kobe beef hotdogs, foi gras cakes, gash the ultra-rich eat. It’s enough to make me constipated.

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  4. Breaking news- The Obamas brewed their own White House Honey Ale for the Super Bowl . It used one pound of Mrs Obama’s own honey from her hive that sits next to her own garden. Really. They didn’t have anything better to do. I know of one microbrewer in PA that got a cold shoulder from the WH.

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