As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Ask What Your Country Can Do for You. Go Ahead, Just Ask.

This was too irresistible not to post. It was provided by Granny Jan, one of our readers, in the comments section. She blogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty.

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10 Responses to Ask What Your Country Can Do for You. Go Ahead, Just Ask.

  1. GrannyJan is talented and so clever. The really amazing thing about her work is that she uses the actual event, words, or photos to make her point.
    Kudos, Jan.

  2. Granny Jan uses such a unique blend of photos and video satire that I am still amazed she has not been whisked away in a black van to a undisclosed location! :-)

    • By the way–have you noticed that everyone in Egypt and the talking heads is named a variation of Barak…I think it means lucky, or nice person, or something. Mubarak…Ourbarak…Baraki

      • Interesting post.

        “Berachah” pronounced ‘ber-rah-kuh’ means “blessing” in Hebrew. Barack is a shortened version of the President’s name though it is not Hebrew. I believe the passage in the Old Testament goes: ” .. in the valley of Berachah, they found blessing. The word means blessing.” If your a first-year Hebrew student in seminary don’t flame me if my translation is off!