As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 3, 2011

8:00 am || Remarks at National Prayer Breakfast; Washington
10:05 am || Departs White House
11:05 am || Arrives University Park, Pa.
11:30 am || Tours labs at Penn State University
12:00 pm || Delivers remarks on innovation
1:20 pm || Departs University Park
2:20 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

14 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 3, 2011

  1. Breaking news: Jenneifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were invited to watch the Super Bowl with the Won. Party All the Time

    Real reason: She’s a new judge on American Idol, a show named after the Won.
    The excuse: she’s a minority owner of the Doplhins.

    • Oh, yes. Any wife would welcome the gorgeous, beautiful, hottie known as J-Lo to sit with her and hubby for the whole day.
      Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

  2. 3:30 pm II Return to West Wing. Chase small rodent down hallway.
    3:35 pm II Talk to JFK oil painting.
    5:55 pm II Sneak into WH kitchen for BBQ porkchops and braised lamb; quickly smother in “Uncle Bob’s Lightening Fire Old Smokey Tennessee Sauce”. FLOTUS arrives. Act normal (wipe mouth).
    7:45 pm II Talk with new Secret Service agent. He’s really cute.
    9:00 pm II Field call from Barbara Streisand. Jiminy Crickets! They *always* want to stay in the bedroom; her and that rattletrap, washed up actor husband of hers. Bloody Harvard buckets! What WILL Michelle say? What will Michelle DO? Heavens …
    12:00 pm II Nighty-night. Kiss Michelle (ew), fall asleep and dream of unicorns on candy-covered mountain tops, all laced with ———–

    **** phone call *****
    3:00 am II Call from Hosni. Hang up.

  3. I watched Obama speak at the National Prayer Breakfast, live on MSNBC while I drank my coffee this morning. He used all the important religious buzzwords: faith, spirituality, Christ, mercy, compassion.

    Obama spent 20 years under the Rev. Jeremiah Wright; that brand of Chrisitanity, called “Black Liberation Theology” is a marriage between left-wing social justice theology and Marxism and Obama, though a member of the church for votes, knows that the key to ingragiate (s/p) himself with the audience, he must appear like them. He had the usual snobbish pose at the podium and from what I could tell chose NOT to use TOTUS (I could be wrong; he looked as though he were reading from prepared remarks on paper). Black Liberation Theology is a religous stricture of the Christian liberals, especially on the more far-left, radical campuses (Pacific, Fuller, Union, etc.) where Marx and Lenin are extolled and seminary newsletters write about “Christ the Revolutionary.” Obama is Saddam Hussein … an agnostic or an atheist, willing to be whatever for whomever.

    And during the speech he once more stuck to the Social Justice, liberal theme of “a church can only do so much”, followed by “government help in the form of charity and grace.”

    Such bullshit.

    Then again, even far right seminaries today are under the spell of the Health-and-Wealth gospel and they won’t even teach about God’s unlimited, never ending grace – only the combination of morality + wealth = Christianity.

    • I stand way outside the argument of Christian/Muslim when O’s beliefs are questioned. The man is an “empty suit”, a chameleon who can disguise himself at will and become the champion of whatever cause he’s addressing. No true beliefs, no core ideology.

      If he has no experience in foreign affairs, as Keith points out, he also has no experience in domestic affairs. MrO and his entire entourage only have experience in campaigning, not governing.

      • No true beliefs, no core ideology.

        I tried mightily to find out how he even got that 2004 speech (Reid? Gore?). He never had a cause, a pet issue, a burning passion that I could see. Even though burning passions can be wrong or lame, at least they show commitment. I never got the idea he was a big woo in the Senate–his fam was back in Chicago and he seemed so remote and snooty I never thought he would have fit into the club over there. And it is clubby, believe me. He always eemed like a slate waiting to be filled in–who did…Soros, Axelrod (really?), Pelosi…I have no idea still.

        • I was taking my first seminary classes in Dallas years ago when I decided to leave since I discovered my homosexuality. I met some wonderful Seminary professors whose understanding of grace (God’s ability to give something unconditional with merit, to meritless thugs like us) really changed my perception of Christianity. One New Testamaent professor once told me, “So your a homosexual. God will judge you the same as me and everyone else. What makes you so special? Nothing. God’s grace is as available to you, porn stars, drug addicts, racists, prostitutes, as to any moral Christian sitting in a pew. And in many cases the sins of the moral gentlemen in the pew sticking his nose up at the sinful, is as egregious as you copulating with a goat. Were all bastards; but God’s love is simply overwhelming. You dont earn it or deserve it. And when he’s ready, he will kick your ass to get you back in to line, especially you scrupulously dressed homosexuals!”

          A church does NOT need the President’s or the governments help; in fact, its the other way around. Barack Obama is as sinful and as helpless as all of us; there is *nothing* we can do to earn God’s favor. The sad part of this equation is that big-government liberals BELIEVE that man’s provision (through government) to the poor is considered “God’s work”, when it is not. Your personal, spiritual beliefs are between YOU and God (or another creator or spiritual essence). We cannot (and must not) say that what we do in gov’t is “God’s work” for the same reason that Bush wanted to join forces with “spiritual organizations.” I disagree. Lets keep Uncle Sam and ecclesiastical polity separate.

          Under the rubric “social justice”, the liberal profer that not only can gov’t give you what you want, but the very offer, the very provision of gov’t tax dollars to the downtrodden, the homeless, the AIDS-afflicted gay man or pregnant, husband-less crack whore is “God’s work.” The liberal mainline in America (Methodists, Episcopalians, ets.) push a social justice do-goodism that borders on anti-Semitism and radical Marxism. Social Justice is just another liberal-Democrat buzzword (in my book) for Marxism.