As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Top Ten Things Mubarak Said to His Generals

1. The people have no pita? Let them eat rack of lamb!

2. I don’t understand. Why do say, “I’m still like Ramses, but the other kind?”

3. We shall fight to the last man! OK, second to last man. OK, third to last, but that’s it.

4. Bring it on! No,wait, don’t bring it on!

5, Yes, I’ll allow “fair” elections, but only as in “just OK” elections.

6. No, I’m just going for a swim. I didn’t mean I’m going to ignore reality. I said “I’m going into da Nile.”

7. The police are frightened. The army won’t shoot anyone. It’s all up to the Ninja Crocodiles.

8. Send in Spiderman!

9. Bring me my poison asp. What do you mean, “Cut out the melodrama?”

10. Toothbrush, check. Maalox, check. Jet black hair dye, check. OK, ready to go.

2 Responses to Top Ten Things Mubarak Said to His Generals

  1. #6 was excellent. Made sure that my mouth had no coffee when I laughed! Keith, eventually Lorne MIchaels is going to draft you to write segments for SNL….