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The People’s Convention Will be in Charlotte, NC

The Democratic National Convention will be held The Great Swing State of North Carolina the week of Sept.3, 2012, Michelle Obama announced today.

That’s right, Michelle Obama. Between her obesity drive, her appearances for Democrats during the 2010 campaign, and her ubiquitous presence everywhere from the White House website to military bases, Michelle is emerging as the most political First Lady ever.

In an email to members of Organizing for America, the Obama campaign email list now stored at the Democratic National Committee, Mrs. Obama sites every reason other than the obvious – that North Carolina has 15 electoral votes and is in danger of not repeating its 2008 choice of Obama – for the decision to locate the convention in Charlotte.

Charlotte is a city marked by its southern charm, warm hospitality, and an “up by the bootstraps” mentality that has propelled the city forward as one of the fastest-growing in the South. Vibrant, diverse, and full of opportunity, the Queen City is home to innovative, hardworking folks with big hearts and open minds. And of course, great barbecue.

Oh well, Michelle sure has the unctuous part of politics down. I’m sure they’re hoping to draw in the rest of the South with all the talk we’ll be hearing about fried okra, hospitality, mint julips and NASCAR. I’ll be damned if they don’t set up a track and race around the convention floor.

Though I live in the South and have adopted it as my home, I was born a Northerner, and I just watch NASCAR waiting to see if something will crash. That’s why northerners watch car racing. My Southern friends, if Northern politicians pretend they like watching cars drive in circles, they are phonies and you must vote for someone else.

Michelle also sounds like she helped make the decision, based on what she and the president “love.”

Barack and I spent a lot of time in North Carolina during the campaign — from the Atlantic Coast to the Research Triangle to the Smoky Mountains and everywhere in between. Barack enjoyed Asheville so much when he spent several days preparing for the second Presidential debate that our family vacationed there in 2009.

And my very first trip outside of Washington as First Lady was to Fort Bragg, where I started my effort to do all we can to help our heroic military families.

All the contending cities were places that Barack and I have grown to know and love, so it was a hard choice. But we are thrilled to be bringing the convention to Charlotte.

But enough about us. This is going to be “The People’s Convention.”

More than anything else, we want this to be a grassroots convention for the people. We will finance this convention differently than it’s been done in the past, and we will make sure everyone feels closely tied in to what is happening in Charlotte. This will be a different convention, for a different time.

To help us make sure this is a grassroots convention — The People’s Convention — we need to hear from you. We want to know what you’d like to see at next year’s convention, how and where you plan on watching it — and the very best way we can engage your friends and neighbors.

I don’t know, it sounds like “the people” may end up paying for the convention. I’d kind of rather it be the “Pharmaceutical Makers Convention” or some other big-pocketed outfit. Or the DNC could just borrow the money and call it “The Chinese Convention.”

Anyway, you know who’s having the “The Corporations’ Convention,” don’t you?

21 Responses to The People’s Convention Will be in Charlotte, NC

  1. Who writes this drivel coming out of the WH and when did the “people” decide to have a convention? MrsO has crossed many lines and boundries that other FLOTUS’s didn’t dare or want to cross.
    The MSM has proposed that she is not only a fashion icon, the most powerful woman in the WORLD, but also an inspiration to other women.
    Her affirmative-action education was thrown out the window when she relinquished her Bar association, she had done nothing memorable with her time until she moved into the WH, and her fashion “icon” status is laughable.

    When she entered the national security fray with her comments about obese people and her constant harping of obese children, she has put herself on the side of a bully who wishes to denigrate and ridicule anyone who is not considered ‘normal’. Shame on her for making judgements about the physical condition of others.

  2. Here comes the cornpone accent… So predictable. Okra, huh–better not be deep fried. Speaking of which, on THE BEST THING I EVER ATE, some guy ate deep fried black-eyed peas–went nuts over them. They did sound good.

  3. When the Obamas took a long weekend in Asheville they spent most of their time eating at barbeque joints and fancy restaurants in between playing golf.

    I’m so confused. I thought we were on a national diet.

    MO has to say this instead of BO because he’s too busy partying solving the world’s crises.

      • Charlotte? Barbecue? Boot strap mentality? Give me a break. Charlotte is a banking and business center. Not a blue collar town. As far as barbecue goes, since I live in Memphis I can tell you that any barbecue east of the here is counterfeit.

        It never ceases to amaze me how the Obama’s are so void of real knowledge of the USA. The comments they make about the different states, regions and people are always either off the mark or seem read from some tourist magazine. Is there a montly magazine on airforce one like on commercial flights that highlight the varied destinations they fly to?

        • JBH – good point. Lots of vapid observations and slogans. The stuff in Mrs. Obama’s message couldn’t be more cloying.

          BTW, I do disagree with you on NC barbecue – I realize these may be fighting words – as I enjoy its vinegary flavor. I couldn’t have it all the time though, I like a tomato based sauce the best. Here in the DC area we have had for many years a place – small chain now – called Red Hot and Blue, serving up great Memphis barbecue. Tennessee ex-pats have told me they like it.

  4. Two points:

    1. WHO came up with the name of the convention? The People’s Convention? WTF. Why not fly a large hammer and sickle banner across the stage? Obviously NO ONE in this WH has a clue as to what that means.

    2. The strategy is to put a beachhead in the south for 2012. Nothing doing. The old confederacy will go Republican, regardless of who is on the ticket; even if Obama pulls a rabbit out of his ass – his campaign has already lost the South.

    • “The Party of the People”, not the hated Democrats.
      MrObama will be the chosen one of the “People”, not the despised Democrats.
      MrObama will become the President of “All the People”.
      TeamObama has made the decision to throw the Democratic party and it’s candidates under the bus so the Prez can run as an outsider and run alone.
      I know this, just like I was sitting in the study group with them, except they don’t see the off-putting and spooky connection to the Commies. They didn’t see the WTF motto as a running joke and they didn’t hear the public cheering when the fiasco known as Obamacare was trashed by the courts. They see and hear what they want.

  5. “The people” is a phrase that makes me want to run to Charlotte for a flashback to the Chicago convention of 1968.

    Michelle Obama makes me sick with her faux friendliness. She and her husband are performers and think that only time in front of the teleprompter counts. The rest of the day they prove they have no character by indulging in what they tell us not to do.

    • After letting the “People’s Convention” marinate in my mind over the past week, I thought …. hmmm … I am very interested to see what the Democrats have in store for their convention:

      * they’ve alienated Israel;
      * they’ve alienated most moderate Democracies in the Middle East;
      * Lebanon and Iran are now hardcore Islamic Republics with no moderate faction.
      * The EU has begun to slowly pull away from the U.S.
      * Turkey is edging toward Islamism (while remaining in NATO).
      * Mexico: an internecine drug war on our border with no end in sight.

      By the time of the convention, Egypt may be a fledgling Islamic Republic – yet another Obama masterpeice. [ I can see it now, after the call to prayer, Egyptian clerics order the dismantling of the pyramids, peice by peice, selling it for hard Western currency while closing down 3-dozen nightclubs (1 of which is gay) and all the secular universities ].

      I can’t see what the Administration can showcase at their convention other than START (signed in a silent vacuum), the bailout (started by Bush), more troops in Afghanistan (Bush), and the future pullout from Iraq (started and won by Bush; turning into an Islamic Republic under Obama). Maybe Michelle’s babyfat crusade? An Michelle Obama exercise DVD?