As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama: Eat This. Not That.

Can the government make you healthy? Dana Milbank of the Washington Post seems skeptical.

As you may know, the Agriculture Department released its latest eating guidelines yesterday.

It turns out that the Obama administration wants you to eat more fruit and vegetables, less salt, and less fat, because it knows that YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING ON MARS FOR THE LAST 30 YEARS AND ARE NOT AWARE OF THIS ADVICE.

Milbank, as you will see below, makes the startling point that since the the first dietary guidelines were announced in the late 1970s, the proportion of obese adults has risen from 15 percent to 34 percent.

Yes, your parents and grandparents were thinner than you while eating two fried eggs, bacon, and buttered toast for breakfast – washed down by WHOLE milk – a pastrami sandwich with Russian dressing for lunch, and their wife’s fatty, delicious brisket for dinner.

They died later than you will. And happier. And satiated. They went to their eternal rest with that full feeling.

None of which is stopping Mrs. Obama from mandating that children eat seventeen servings of sting beans a week at school.

My prediction for Michelle’s effort to use the government’s school cafeteria thugs to force food kids to eat food they hate: Hungry, misbehaving children.

13 Responses to Obama: Eat This. Not That.

  1. WRONG.

    A proper diet is based upon three, concrete facts:

    1. Protein (any type of meat) is necessary for short and long-term muscle growth;

    2. Processed carbohydrates and sugar are your enemies. Pizza, white bread, candy, cakes, etc. This does not mean you cant eat these items — just eat them ONCE a week as a cheat or bad meal.

    3. (Good) Fat is an essential part of the diet that protects muscle tissue, joints and maintains the body’s ability to fight infection. Fat is also a source of slow-burning energy (once stored, glycogen energy have been burned) unlike fibrous/starchy carbs which is a source of fast-burning energy. Once your carb stores are depleted, your metabolism turns on its BODY FAT and uses it to supply energy for workouts, cardiovascular training, etc.

    The Obama Administration is hindered (like the Bush Adminstration) by the AG lobby and overseas lobbies for imported veggies, fruit and meat.

    Remember when the U.S. Government told us eggs were bad for you? Remember the university studies that said eggs are too high in cholesterol and fat?

    —-> Raw, fertile eggs supply the *highest* amount of protein, per weight of any item on earth. I eat them raw, with milk, each and every day for breakfast.

    Keith, GREAT POINT about our grandparents … who lived well into their 80’s on a diet of high fat bacon, beef and liver, coupled with raw eggs, unpasteurized (raw) cow’s milk and untouched, clean dairy products. I talked with my dad about growing up on a farm in the 1930’s in West Texas:

    ” … hell, we ate fresh meat, butchered only a few days, fresh bacon, cut from the slab, and drank unpasteurized milk; hell, back then everything was fresh tasting and good for you before the [ expletive ] politicians got to it. Today they have shot it up with drugs to produce bigger chickens. Back before the Second World War, your vegetables would be in the market with dirt on it, having been picked hours before; your dairy products had only been delivered a day ago. Everything was fresh, you see. I can still remember the milk truck pulling up and dropping off fresh cow’s milk with the cream on top. Hell, the stuff they sell now is [ expletive ].”

    • My dear Father was raised on a combo of Middle-Eastern/Polish food, married a woman whose middle name was Gertrude, got shot at repeatedly by the Nazis, smoked un-filitered cigs and stinky cigars and ‘only’ lived to be 83.
      I like to eat a lot of processed food stuff loaded with preservatives, thinking that if you are what you eat, my shelf life has been extended.

    • Oh man, the steaks out in the country in Virginia – cattle country – are so good just for the reasons I mentioned.

      I just saw a study somewhere suggesting that the increased heart disease from red meat is due SOLELY to the consumption of processed meats. That if you eat regular old steak, you’re fine. It makes sense to me.

      • SRDEM and KEITH – I totally agree. And SRDEM you make a good point about cigars …. there are *millions* of Americans who smoke and live well into their 80’s and 90’s, you just will not hear about it from the press or from the Safety Nazi’s in the food and health industry.

        Churchill smoked stogies and drank hard alcohol for nearly 50 years up until he died in his 90’s if memory serves correct. Grandad lived to be 89 and he ate the highest fat diet I can remember – it was all meat, he ate no veggies – and drank like a fish.

        We (personal trainers) are part of the problem as we keep telling people you MUST eat healthy to live longer, and, technically, that is just not true.

    • By the way–O’Reilly had one of his “polls” on the president talking about school lunches–Pinhead or Patriot? 91% said pinhead! I was sort of surprised–usually people will try to look reasonable.

  2. It seems obvious that our problem is not so much what we eat as it is the typical lifestyle Americans have developed. Our grandparents worked for a living and everything they did at home was work. Now we drive to work, sit in a chair in front of a computer, eat lunch, drive home, eat dinner, watch tv or sit in front of a computer and go to bed. If you’re not actively exercising it’s inevitable you’re going to pile on the pounds no matter your diet. Our bodies need the varied diet Tom has described to function properly, but we need the balance of activity. I remember when I was a kid we had to get up and walk ten feet to change the channel!