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Barbara Bush Endorses Gay Marriage

No, silly, the other Barbara Bush. W’s daughter.

She joins Meghan McCain and Mary Cheney – the lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney – in supporting gay couples on the issue. John McCain and the former president oppose it, while Dick Cheney – an implacable conservative on everything else – agrees with his daughter.

Asked for comment, Bush, who is down in Texas continuing his pursuit of the most relaxing post-presidency in history, said, “I three-putted the 17th and went over my handicap.”

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9 Responses to Barbara Bush Endorses Gay Marriage

  1. The liberal MSM just looooves it when the children of conservative political figures say what they think about social issues. MsMcCain, MrReagan and now MsBush giving their childish opinions are not newsworthy but a means to try to embarass their parents.
    As of yet, we haven’t seen or heard of the political opinions of Mr&MrsClinton’s new son-in-law who seems to have thrown over the concept of working to become a ski-bum. I can hardly wait for that.

  2. As an “out and proud” gay man, I one of a growing number of gay men who are *AGAINST* gay marriage.

    Several points:

    (1.) 99% of gay men who “get married”, later “divorce.” The numbers, figures and ‘facts’ from MSNBC and the left-wing liberal press, not to mention the HRC and other pro-Gay Marriage groups are false. Less than 1% of gay men stay hitched as life partners. This is not only a concrete fact but you will only find “life partners” at pro-Gay Marriage rallies. Interestingly, later that night, at the clubs, after a few cocktails, ‘gay couples’ go in search of a third (or forth).

    (2.) “Gay marriage” is code for Heterophobia. The objective of gay marriage, as envisioned by the far-left gays in the early 80’s when this issue started, was to destroy or supplant heterosexual marriage as part of an agenda that is linked with the political left to garner support for the gay rights. Heterophobia is not only habitual bigotry within the gay community spurred on by this issue, its part and parcel of how gay political groups (using Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals) take heterosexual marriage, focus on the ‘hatred against women’ by ‘this sadistic sexual hierarchy’ and then say to even-the-playing-field, we must allow gays to marry.

    (3.) Gay men are, by percentage, more sexually compulsive than heterosexuals. Unlike women, who require (on the whole) background, feelings, honesty, love and specificity for a relationship leading to marriage, gay men are in general, sexual beings who are in the relationship for either money, sex or power. Very few gay men are monogomous; this is another stated, concrete fact.

    (4.) AIDS is not caused by the HIV virus. AIDS is caused by (a.) unstoppable STD infection, (b.) massive bombardement of the immune system caused by recreational drug use and (c.) the use of ‘masking drugs’ to allow gay men to go back out and have more sex. Gay Marriage is simply another way for gay men to remain sexually active while creating a fascade of “family.”

    (5.) I am not suprised to see the Bush daughters make a video and support gay marriage. The Bush daughters, like their father, are political liberals who will feed from the teet of the left-wing media to garner positive coverage before Bush and Co. are bent over and used as a whipping post by the political left.

    I am a homosexual NOT a heterosexual. I support traditional marriage because it solidifies a nation’s young, creates the stability for training children while maintaining a solid, established core for the family unit.

    There are *THOUSANDS* of gay men and women who support this position, but we’ve been driven back into the closet by gay organizations who will allow NO DEBATE on this issue. The most repressive and fascist groups in the country are gay “rights” groups, whose hatred of traditional marriage is the cause-celeb for this issue.

    • Wow, you are an original thinker, Tom, not a crowd follower. Living in the lesbian capitol of Western Mass, I’ve been following the movement and it’s not so hidden agenda. It was always just give us this one thing…that’s all we want… but that was never enough because that was never what it was about in the first place.

      • Granny Jan,

        You get the real pulse of the gay community at the clubs. When GLBT are drinking THEN you find out whats going on. “If you only give us this” has been happening since Harvey Milk first proposed the gay ordinance in San Francisco. And it will never end. In the bars, when the vodka is pouring, you find out that there is submerged hatred of heterosexuals, marriage and str8’s by the more political, left-wing gay fascists.

        There is no such thing as “gay rights” – thats a buzz word for progressive, liberal authoritarianism, with its objective to flank the conservatives on marriage. McCain, Bush and other RINOs are milked by the gay left to get what they want.

        Western Massachusetts: wow. I can only imagine how fascist the gays are up there. Down here in Dallas, were pretty moderate. In fact, on Sunday night I went out with my partner and met another closeted Republican at the bars who used to live in Boston. He said he is in heaven in Texas since conservativism is on the rise down here.

        The last time I spoke up against gay marriage was in Houston where I was thrown out of bar for voting for Bush. The bartender overheard my conversation with my friend (another right winger) and refused to serve us. Then the GM came over and told us to “get the f*** out” which we did. A year later the bar was busted by the police for drugs and closed down.

        Gay Rights = Heterophobic bigotry.

    • Tom, you are a very brave man to hold this position and to express it. Your tough analysis provides a lot to think about, because you’ve obviously thought hard about this yourself. But the thinking part of the brain is not what most people reach for first on issues like this.

      • Thanks Keith.

        There are more GLBT folk who are right-wing but like the black list of the 50’s, they dare NOT come out. The backlash from the extreme, left-wing, fascists in fuscia is potent. Conservatives will never hold any positions of importance within the gay community (even in AIDS-funds distribution) as they are consider anathema to the cause of gay rights.

    • Leftists never allow debate, and use bullying tactics to force us into submission. They also are not afraid to use any group of people to further their agenda, which is totalitarianism, and always ends badly for millions. Pray to end abortion and for the graces needed to stand against the lies of those who separate us in order to gain power for the few and steal freedom from the many.

  3. What I should also mention is that the gay community is divided into two distinct camps:

    * The normal, everyday, GLBT American, and
    * The rich, elite, liberal, politically active white gay man.

    On any given night, the *majority* of gay men and women you see at a gay bar are honest, hardworking, 40-hour a week, paycheck to paycheck Americans who, like other Americans, simply want to be left alone. They are not interested in gay marriage (they are single), they are socially liberal (but fiscally conservative) and in general are what you would call independent voters. They love their parents, eat at McDonald’s, like to watch t.v. and dont have a Facebook page. They are your hairdresser, your gardner who shares a beer with his friend the CPA and his friend, the manager from the local McDonald’s. The great thing about a gay bar is *total freedom* from the limitations of education and society. A waiter may be friends with a CEO from a brokerage firm. A retired Rear Admiral (65) may date a unemployed former Marine from Iraq (22). These are what we call “normal gays”. Normal gays move easily through black, hispanic and asian circles (and date within it) having NO problem racially with any group.

    The abnormal gays are your rich, elite, white, liberal gay men who are your status-whores, and this is one group GLBT folk *cannot* break into. In Dallas we call them “S&M” – stand and model – in the bars, these are the uber-rich gay men who were Dolce and Gabana, alligator shoes, sport watches and make $120k a year (in debt for $300k) are are super, super, super political. These guys are part of the monied, gay upper class and are liberal donors who only vote Democrat.

    The uber-rich elite gays are atheist (in general), and interestingly will not allow blacks, hispanics or asians into their local groups unless they meet a series of Jim Crow style “status requirements.” [ Isnt it amazing that within the gay community the most racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic ones are liberals? ].

    Elite, rich, white, liberal gays are the most racially intollerant gays you will meet: they will not date (or have sex) with blacks (“chocolate breaks me out honey”), hispanics (“sorry baby, I dont like burrito’s”), or asians (“Not into eggroll baby”). The white, rich, elite, liberal gays despise those who do not dress as extravagant as they do or drive a foreign car.

    When I lived in Seattle I dated an asian gentlemen who was CEO of a large corporation and made close to half a million a year. However, he could not break into the uppercrust gay groups there because of two reasons: (1) he was told his eyes were “too asian” and he had to have surgery to make them “more white” and (2) he had to date a white guy that had money (I was poor) and was politically liberal and active (I was conservative). Eventually my boyfriend chose the group and cast me aside … but I found out later he refused to get the surgery and was evnetually rejected for “membership” among the uber-rich Seattle gays.