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Obama’s Very Own Cold War

President Obama’s State of the Union speech focused mainly on minor proposals and second-tier issues like college tuition tax credits and the like. The president, fresh from his “outreach” to Iran, doesn’t seem to understand that he’s engaged in his very own Cold War, and that’s where his attention must lie.

The enemy in Obama’s Cold War is not Communism, but Islamism. And Obama’s misunderstanding of the enemy’s intentions – the destruction of the West – threatens to sink his presidency in the same way Jimmy Carter’s misunderstanding of Russia and miscalculation on Iran sunk his.

Carter thought the Soviets, who sought no less than world dominiation, could be reasoned with, and was shocked when the country invaded Afghanistan. Obama was naive in his outreach to Iran, whose leadership will not rest until Western culture is destroyed and supplanted, and he must be similarly shocked that his outstretched hand has been spit on.

Obama in the East Room
What do you mean, 'Some big problem's about to drop on my head?' Don't be silly. Photo by Keith Koffler

Today, Islamists are eying all sorts of exciting opportunities, and Obama must draw his attention from boutique “investments” in America’s future that he spent most of his State of the Union wallowing in and turn his gaze toward the nation’s survival.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the fall of Iran to the Aytoallah’s are among the most significant foreign policy events – and failures – of the last half century, because they both played a critical role in launching the wave of Islamic radicalism we face today.

Like all extremist insurgencies, from the Bolsheviks in 1917 to the Nazis in 1933, Islamists are lying in wait, willing to abide by the prevailing, civil rules of play before emerging to brutally assert themselves and seize control.

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is carefully avoiding taking a prominent role in the alliance opposing Mubarak, knowing that to do so risks alienating the broad segment of Egyptians who oppose it. It will seek to join a coalition government, and then start dominating and eventually killing off its partners.

In Tunisia, the long exiled Islamist leader has just returned to a triumphant welcome. He’s claiming to be a moderate. That’s to be expected. In Lebanon, Hezbollah is completing its takeover of he government.

A sweep into power across the Middle East of Islamists backed by Iran’s Mullahs is not yet assured. It is Obama’s mission to fight his Cold War, and prevent it from happening.

But from the early outreach to Iran to the unwillingness to meet the military’s request for troops in Afghanistan, there’s little evidence he has the stomach for the fight or even the understanding he needs to do it.

Hopefully he does, because the battle is enjoined now, and will not wait until 2012.

There’s a great piece in the Wall Street Journal today by Paul Kengor, author of the marvelous book “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century.” He writes of Washington’s shock when Reagan, during his first press conference, casually confided that the Soviets were as bad as THEY said they were.

Reagan calmly explained that the Soviet leadership had “openly and publicly declared that the only morality they recognize is what will further their cause, meaning they reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat.”

Reagan continued, explaining that the Soviets considered their relativistic behavior “moral, not immoral.” This was something that the United States needed to “keep . . . in mind” when doing “business” with Moscow.

American voters outside the Beltway were not shocked. They put Reagan in office for a reason.

If Obama fails to understand, confront and abate the evil that we now face, Americans will replace him with someone who gets it, just like they did Carter.

8 thoughts on “Obama’s Very Own Cold War”

  1. Peggy Noonan (we call her the Murmuring Matron over here) said he had concentrated on minor dribs and drabs in his speech. He did. Now, let’s see, I see sort of a crescent of states over there leaning or being pushed into a more Islamic stance–Caliphate ring a bell? It just can’t all be the benign offices of students and Facebook–are we that stupid?

    1. MsNoonan’s piece on MrO’s SOTU speech sounded more like a jilted lover’s response to the bad news than a measured opinion on the Prez’s ideas for the future. She ‘gets it’ that the public is awaiting some leadership in the WH, not some idealistic dreams of fast-rails and green jobs.

    2. Detroit is already a Northern Caliphate of Iran. Christian missionaires are no longer allowed to pass out religious tracts within *2,000 feet* of Arab-American businesses, festivals or events. Christians are now outlawed at any Arab-style festival in most major cities; this is clearly unconstitutional but the Rep’s are *silent*. Jim Baker’s “Arabization” of the Republican party seems almost complete.

  2. Obama thinks that his experiences as a child bowing ass in air to Mecca has given him insight into the power-grasping political muslim leaders who are glad to hide behind religion’s skirts as they practice their lying for islam and reach for control of nations.

    “Moderate” muslims are those who don’t follow the rules of Sharia. Unfortunately the places they set up to shelter themselves from those who do are all too easily co-opted by the arrival of a few imans or some foreign graduate students. Then the “moderates” stay quiet because they are afraid. Moderate Nazis allowed the Holocaust to occur.

    Look at Ralph and Daisy the Cons preaching their moral superiority as they ram a victory mosque down the throats of Americans. The fact that Ralph has been replaced by a hateful Nation of Islam convert as head iman should tell us quite a bit about what we are up against within our own shores.

    1. There are now substantial pro-Arab lobbyists well entrenched in both the Dem and Rep parties, but particularly the Republicans due to oil and natural gas contracts.

      I would not be suprised if the Republicans were to move the 2012 Convention to Detroit and invite Imam Rauf to open with a prayer to A’llah. Thanks to the likes of such trash-filth as “Secretary” Jim Baker and other pro-Arab anti-Semites, the U.S. State Department has been, and will probably continue to be, decidedly anti-Israel until someone cleans house and fires the entire lot, down to the last analyst.

      Ron Paul is right. We need a monetary audit of the Federal Government; we also need a bigotry-audit of the State Department.

  3. This has to be one of the *best* articles I have read on Keith’s site.

    As a Cold War veteran, we knew who our enemy was: World-wide, global Communism. The Cold War was cut and dry … and the you respected your enemy. It is now well documented that Russian and U.S. spies not only talked “shop” but ate and drank together and talked about the Cold War … and eventually what would happen afterwards. The Soviet’s were “… the goddamn Com’nists” but your respected them and the feeling was mutual.

    What Obama faces today is indeed, a new Cold War, with fundamental Islam as the snake, but with so many heads that can strike, from different points around the globe that only a dedicated military campaign (like the Cold War) can effectively fight it.

    Fundamental Isam is Communism. Its totalitarian. The difference is the Soviets played by military dictum; the Islamists by religious Jihad.

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