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First Obama 2012 Campaign Video and Song is Out

What might be the first Obama 2012 campaign video has emerged. It’s by The Corrigan Brothers, who have have produced a campaign version of their “international hit” – that’s what they are telling me it was – about Obama being O’Bama. That is, an Irishman.

This could be confusing for birthers, but it also may explain the failure of the White House to release Obama’s full birth certificate.

Anyhoo, here’s the video. The lyrics are not quite as clever as they could be, but a warning before you listen: You may not be able to remove the tune from your head for the rest of the day. And this doesn’t mean it’s the greatest tune ever. Just hard to remove from your head.

3 Responses to First Obama 2012 Campaign Video and Song is Out

  1. Let me start: O’bama may be the first Black Irishman to sit in the WH.
    It has been reported that the man reported to be MrO’s father reportedly did reside somewhere in the British Isles.
    “Everyone is Irish on StPatrick’sDay” or so they say.
    MrO’s mother was believed to be of Irish descent and was once seen by reliable sources in an Irish pub seeming to be sipping from a glass of Irish whiskey.

    I’ve run out of ambiguous comments. The video is brutal and awful.

    • I don’t know it the video was camp or actually supporting him..My Irish Aunt Mamie Ryan warned be about the Black Irish..Never knew what the hell she was talking about..I think I finally understand..hehe