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Rahm is Back on the Ballot

The Illinois Supreme Court emphatically placed Rahm Emanuel back in the race for Chicago mayor, nearly ensuring that the former White House chief of staff will soon rule the city.

Emanuel has an overwhelming lead in both money and in the polls, and now appears unstoppable.

The unanimous decision reversed a 2-1 appellate court ruling that said Rahm couldn’t run because he hadn’t met the residency requirement by physically living in the city for a full year.

But the higher court ruled that there is precedent for the claim that Rahm was qualified to run because it was clear his residency in Washington was temporary and that he always intended to return to the city.

Actually, I think Chicagoans should be able to elect Hosni Mubarak their mayor if they so choose. But at the very least, on the legal matter, the guy never sold his house in Chicago and went to Washington on what was clearly a temporary assignment: White House chiefs of staff usually burn out after about two years.

Rahm will run the city with an iron fist and make the Daleys look like frightened pussycats. And then, having been so close to the top job, having practically been running the country anyway as chief of staff he will . . .

You guessed it. I mean, give me one reason why he wouldn’t run. I say we’re looking at Rahm for President 2016.

3 thoughts on “Rahm is Back on the Ballot”

  1. The people of Chicago HAVE to stand up and vote; if they choose to elect Daley 3.0, they deserve all the problems they got under the last set of crooks.

    Liberal Democrats love corrupt politicians; it falls into the junta-style leadership left-wing governments have practiced since the 1960’s.

    1. Just spoke to a friend of mine in Chicago (gay, left-wing, voting Dem) by email. This is his response, in full:

      “Hey [Tom], whats our choice? An Obama reject or union reject. There are no choices why not have Obama just apppoint some [ expletive deleted ] one to come down and rule over us. its enough to make a liberal defect to the repub’s.”

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