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Obama’s Jimmy Carter Moment

Make no mistake about it. If Egypt goes down, and the Islamists seize power, Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter. And he will achieve the same electoral success with his reelection effort.

Hosni Mubarak has now called out the army to stem the unrest. We’ll see if they’ll fire on their own people.

No discussion of his private urgings toward Mubarak to reform politically will save Obama from the charge he “lost” Egypt if Mubarak goes down the toilet. Even if the charge is no better that partially fair, Mubarak is Obama’s baby to lose.

Not since Jimmy Carter “lost” Iran have the consequences of the overthrow of a moderate Arab dictator been so fraught with gloomy possibilities.

While he’s busy focused on electric car batteries, the president better be sure he’s doing whatever limited things he can to prop up Mubarak. Reform can come later. That is, if Obama doesn’t want to be Jimmy Carter.

3 Responses to Obama’s Jimmy Carter Moment

  1. Obama’s downfall will be his professorial fidgeting on the sidelines if Mubarek falls and an Islamic-religious dictatorship is established. Iran was Strike ONE, this will be Strike TWO. If Obama punts and remains *silent*, I think the conservative Democrats may vacate him. Of course, MSNBC and the media will spin it in some fashion.