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Biden: I’m Already on the 2012 Ticket

Sorry Hillary. Vice President Biden told the PBS Newshour that he’s already signed up to run on the ticket with President Obama. Here’s what he told host Jim Lehrer

He asked me if I would do that over a year ago. And I told him I would, yes.

First question: Is Jim Lehrer a thousand years old? It seems like he was already kind of old when I was a kid.

Second question: What ever happened to coyness about presidential reelection plans? Modesty I guess is all gone.

Well, perhaps not a bad idea for the White House to be honest about it. We all know reelection planning beings on Inauguration Day.

7 Responses to Biden: I’m Already on the 2012 Ticket

  1. I am not suprised.

    The Dem’s chose to keep Pelosi and Reid after the *GREATEST LOSS* in political history, so why not keep Joe and go down fighting in 2012? A Marxicrat does not admit defeat, there have been no problems, everything is fine, thank you very much.

    The writing is on the wall in 2012: the Democrats will most likely face another avalache of defeat with the awakening of the Tea Party.

  2. What worked in 2008 will not work in 2012. Period.
    A bi-jillion dollars in campaign money will not buy one job, a moment’s peace in the Middle East, stop a home foreclosure, or make us feel safe and confident about our future.
    The arrogance shown by this Adminstration when it had all the votes frightened the public into action. A faux move to the center won’t please anyone and we know who MrObama is now.

    • You’re right, these are their worst nightmares, srdem. They got the lefty stuff done in the first two years and now are pretending it never happened. Now it’s time to flatline spending, after massive increases. How much time did Obama spend talking about health reform in the State of the Union? Not much.

      • I noticed Dear Leader didnt talk about his Great Patriotic Austerity Measures. at the SOTU. Instead he turned to the right and tip-toed to a centrist position. To help solidify Obama’s “new and improved” centrist position and sell it to the nation, TIME magazine photo-shoped Obama next to Reagan on its magazine cover. The truth could not be more glaring:

        Reagan: fervent Cold Warrior.
        Obama: appointed Socialists and Maoists in his cabinet.

        Reagan: belief in Judeo-Christian worldview.
        Obama: has an asthetic, atheistic beleif in the greatest of man.

        Reagan: fight Islamic terror.
        Obama: Apology Tour 2011.

        Reagan: “. . . the shining city upon a hill.”
        Obama: “The city has been audited by the IRS and will be taxed in accordance with our new guidelines. All roads leading to the hill will have vehicle check points; papers are required to get in. All new businesses must hire one GLBT and one person of color; healthcare guidelines pursuant to Section D., sub-section A, (2)(e) are to be filed with the . . . “