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Obama’s State of the Union from Mars

Hey everyone. I published a piece this morning in POLITICO titled “A State of the Union from Mars.” You can read it here.

The point is that Obama in his speech ignored the real perils facing the country – war, terrorism, Iran, North Korea and the deficit – while focusing instead on the presidency he wants to have, one with lots of pleasant domestic policy initiatives.

Hope you like.

15 Responses to Obama’s State of the Union from Mars

  1. I woke up and groggily inquired, “Did we win the future yet?” What does that even MEAN? The big Lottery in the Sky? Does it have a logo so I can “get” it better? That McDonald (not Ronald, that governor or whatever he is) said it’s OK to spend so long as it is balanced by a cut. They just “identify” those cuts, though, add the spending, and never cut the cut. I guess we dopey sheeple just don’t see the brilliance. And, by the way–staying the same, even if we did, is not ENOUGH!!! It’s a few trillion short of the mark.

      • There is a song by a group called THE ORB called “little fluffy clouds” in which a female voice over is talking about clouds, air, stars, space and time while there is this eerie, new age music . . . nothing makes any sense, there’s no point to it, although the combination sounds pretty neat:

        This is the theme song to the Obama White House. Nothing makes any sense, there’s no point to many things they do since it’s all a fascade.

  2. You’re right on point with your piece.
    But, what would you have him say, considering that it was his opening speech for his re-election campaign:”‘we’re in deep doo-doo folks, so you should get ready to take in Gramps and Grandma because we’re cutting their SS in half. (not to worry, though, because we’re also eliminating Medicare so the old folks won’t be long for this world.) We’re also shutting down the whole military thing, cutting the Federal workforce by half, and there won’t be any Federal money going to your state for anything until we get this debt under control.
    We’re also raising your Income Tax by 50%. ”
    Now that would really be a “sputnik moment” speech.

    • He could have said, “I have taken everything the Debt Commission had to say and everything my Republican friends have offered and am crunching the numbers. Clearly we need to make drastic cuts–and you may rest assured I will personally guarantee that fraud will go first, unproductive programs or agencies second, and then when we have to cut into muscle, the poor and needy will be protected. When the big entitlements are addressed, we will talk about it as a country–everything will be posted–everything will be discussed and you will have ample time to comment. These are items vital to our national survival and we will decide as a nation.”

      • This is not rocket science folks.

        If you have held down a 9-5 job, met payroll, run a small business or even paid your electricity bill (or have a bank account) you should know how to BALANCE a budget.

        To be honest, I dont think Obama could have given a damn what the Debt Commission said. He was not going to follow their recommendations anyway.

  3. PS Have you noticed they never do anything mentioned in those SOTUs? For example, did you fill up the jaopy with switch grass juice this morning? Are the bridges that fall down with cars on them all safe now?

    As for Sputnik, I thought I heard him say that factory in Wisc made part of Sputnik–wasn’t Sputnik Russian? I can’t keep up anymore.

  4. OK, is it just me or has anyone else noticed the way God (or whoever you think is running the show ‘up there’) keeps sending flies, bugs, bees, mice, rats, rain and snow storms, and whatever else straight to the doors of the White House??? We haven’t seen locusts (yet) but am sure when they show up, someone will finally put two and two together and shut that place down! The big guy (girl) upstairs is trying to show us something!

  5. Right on with the article.

    Although I didn’t watch the speech itself, I think the points you make could actually be applied to almost any speech this adminstration has made – a bunch of vague talking points shrouded in smoke that sound really good and touchy-feely on the surface, but when you look closer, there’s no real plan or focused approach or specifics or evidence that anyone’s willing to make some tough and maybe unpopular decisions to actually do some good, like address entitlements. It all has a sort of slight-of-hand magical “don’t look at the man behind the curtain” feel, you know?

    You said, “It’s a presidency that focuses on what the government can do for you at a time when the government is out of money. That rarely mentions the perils we face, as if the dangers might distract from the crucial business of fiddling with domestic policy.”

    Totally – again, another sentiment threaded throughout this administration – government can’t possibly be the problem and in fact the only problem is that its not big enough!

    I agree with Star’s comment – most politicans blow smoke up our a-holes when in actuality, I would so much more prefer an honest, straightforward truth and plan. The guy that says “Hey, I know it ‘s not popular, but cutting these entitlements and making additional government cuts to A, B, and C is what is needed for the country as a whole to be able to survive” is the guy that gets my vote. What I don’t want is all sorts of fanciful language and feel-good sentiments and rah-rah-go-USA followed by some bull crap “let’s have a spending freeze to save a couple billion dollars like a speck of sand on the debt beach and no earmarks *wink wink* either” nonsense.

    On a random side note, as I typed this I was watching a Rahm Emanuel campaign ad on tv here in Chicago, and had to chuckle at his vow: “People of Chicago want a couple things – they want their streets clean, their schools safe and strong, and their streets safe. And its high time the politicans start working for the people that elected them rather than have people working so that politicians get rich off the system and that’s going to come to an end. *City government isn’t about making sure that those best connected or have friends are getting jobs*.”

    HAHAHAHAHA. I guess when you spend so much time on Mars, you start to think/talk like a Martian.


    It’s funny because it’s so sad.