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Michelle: Obesity is a National Security Issue

Well, it’s not.

Only in the sense that EVERYTHING is a national security issue. For example, health care. If kids aren’t getting proper health care, how can they be good soldiers?

And how about getting enough sleep? If soldiers aren’t engaged in proper sleeping habits, they’re going to miss when they shoot, now aren’t they?

So of course, Mrs. Obama today is promoting her anti-obesity campaign at a MILITARY BASE to make the point that her efforts are part of her own private plan to safeguard the country. From the pool reports:

First Lady Michelle Obama arrived at Fort Jackson [South Carolina], the Army’s largest basic training facility, at 10:33.

She was wearing a black business suit and white blouse. She was introduced to the fort’s physical fitness professionals in a small conference room at the drill sergeant’s school.  Obama was flanked by Maj. Gen.James M. Milano, the fort’s, commander, and Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, the Army’s initial training deputy commander.

Hertling briefed Obama, using three giant flat screen television, on the lack of physical fitness in today’s youth and how it is making it more difficult to attract recruits that can pass physical fitness standards. Of the 129,000 recruits each year, about 40 percent are overweight. Obama, who is promoting the Let’s Move! Program to combat childhood obesity, said “It’s not just a health issue for children, it’s a national security issue.”

Obama said that obesity has to be battled across all groups, from parents, to schools, to the military and workplace.

“You can’t get at this problem with just one slice of it,” she said, “you have to get the whole country behind this because it’s affecting our ability to protect our freedom.”

If the military can’t whip these fatsos into shape, then there’s something wrong with the military, and we need more funding for the Pentagon to hire nastier drill sergeants who who will kick the lumpy asses of recruits caught sneaking an Almond Joy bar.

I like Mrs. Obama’s campaign, generally. But this is going way too far. The pernicious part of this is that once something becomes a national security issue, then it must be funded – a lot. Look for more demands for money to finance Mrs. Obama’s own line item when Obama FY2012 budget is released next month.

11 thoughts on “Michelle: Obesity is a National Security Issue”

  1. Whoa–wait a hot one! A Business Suit? Really? Breakthrough!

    As for fat soldiers or whatever–I think there are some programs that let larger soldiers slim down a bit before coming in. Leave it at that, Michelle.

    1. MEMO TO MICHELLE: Go back to doing what you do best – spending tax payer money on thousand-dollar-a-night hotel rooms, $450 lobster dinners, wearing $2500 dresses to homeless shelters and running up $975,000 Secret Service security tabs on vacation junkets overseas. Leave remedial training for overweight servicemen in the hands of the experts.

  2. Back in the “draft” days, being fat or chubby was just a challenge to your Drill Instuctor and he/she always won.
    MrsO is way out of bounds. And a hypocrite; this woman who loves her burgers&fries, her ribs and lobster, is hardly a spokesperson for healthy eating.
    Nothing riles up women more than some rich-b*tch telling them how to live or raise their children.

    1. RE: Fort Jackson. I spent my time there in ’85 for Basic Training. It was hot as hades. Interesting, we bunked in WWII Barracks (now no longer in use). I remember reading in my bunk and looking over and reading a carving in the wood paneling from a guy named “Schwartz” who was in my bunk back in 1943.

      RE: Fat Soldiers. Which, brings up this scene from the movie Full Metal Jacket:

      RE: Girl Scouts. I forget who used to be the head of GSA, but it was a pro-Marxist, dictatorial feminist. Not sure if she is still in charge, but I have not bought Girl Scout Cookies in years after they gave money to various anti-Second Amendment groups on Capital Hill. One year in Dallas, several stores would not allow them to set up and sell cookies because of that position. Its sad when the leadership of this group chose to make the organizaition a political arm of the Democratic Party. I sure miss the peanut butter cookies though ….

  3. Violent gang activity, drive by shootings, and teen mommies giving birth to more gang members and more future teen mommies is a very real threat to our domestic security and future solvency.
    This issue is a perfect fit for Ms. Obama, and one where she could actually become a role model, the only sound from her on this is silence.
    As a role model for fat kids, not so much, are there no three way mirrors in the WH ?

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