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White House Hoses Hosni

Well, so much for helping out the U. S. of A. for 30 years.

The White House today made clear it’s ready to cut its losses quick if Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak goes down. Mubarak is a dictator, but he has been our ally for three decades and has served as a bulwark against Islamic extremism. We’ve abided his abuse of civil liberties for years, and never, it seems to me, backed up our demand for political reform with much in the way of pressure to make it happen.

So now that she’s facing trouble, we’ve decided to ditch the gal we came to the dance with, ugly as she is.

Obama JUST LAST WEEK called Mubarak to thank him with his help establishing a UN tribunal to try the assassins of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

But, asked today if the United States supports Mubarak in the wake of mass protests in Egypt, White House Press Press Secretary at first didn’t answer the question. Then he said only, “Egypt is a strong ally.”

Obama is probably still smarting from his slow and tepid response to the “green revolution” in Iran. He really doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of Middle East history – on the side of the tyrants.

4 thoughts on “White House Hoses Hosni”

  1. Keith,


    Well … you knew it was coming. Obama has chosen to let Egypt fall to Islamic extremism without even so much as a ‘by your leave.’ I *DESPISE* Islamic anti-Semitism, bigotry, hatred and its fundamental assault on human liberties (especially its murder of homosexuals and the marginalized) but as Keith so eloquently posted … Mubarek was our ally. OUR ally. For 30 years this man kept the peace on the border with Israel, his neighbors and he fought the Palestinian Brotherhood, the PFLP and the Muslim Brotherhood from toppling his regime. He was so well liked in Israel that the Haaretz reported that if Mubarek or King Hussein ever ran for President in Israel … they would win.

    I can’t say I am suprised. We sold out in Korea (1953), Cuba (1959) and later Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (1975, 1976 and 1978). Bill Clinton sold out Rwanda (1994) where 1,000,000 Africans were slaughterd (Billy was busy doing Monica in the Oval office). In 1976 we sided with the U.N. and the U.K. and sold the nation of Rhodesia to the Communists (Mugabe). Today Rwanda remains a hell hole, Cuba is still Communist and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) is a future holocaust.

    1. Right Tom. Where are all the documentaries about how Clinton slept through the Rwanda genocide? And then he even had the nerve to “apologize,” as if an apology could atone for such a thing. Perhaps it made him feel better, which of course is what counts.

      Don’t forget the most pertinent example – Iran! The Shah and his Savak look like a bunch of pussy cats today.

      1. It is sad that our President remains eerily *silent* while millions around the world look to America as the beacon of freedom. Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, and other places where millions of Muslims live under repressive, authoritarian regime’s call out for us to at least SAY SOMETHING in their defence.

        I detest Islam’s authoritarianism … but for heaven’s sakes, WHY have we stood by and said NOTHING about helping these Muslims achieve freedom? Isn’t there someone in the Obama Administration that beleives in human freedom, the dignity of man?


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