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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is the traditional post-State of the Union trip to tout the new initiatives. Doesn’t seem like any of these companies are involved in cutting the deficit.

Actually, I think they may have their hands out for your “investment.”

11:35 am || Arrives in Green Bay, Wisc.
12:35 pm || Tours Orion Energy Systems; Manitowoc, Wisc.
1:00 pm || Delivers remarks on energy
1:30 pm || Tours Skana Aluminum Co. Manitowoc, Wisc.
2:50 pm || Tours Tower Tech Systems, Inc.; Manitowoc
4:10 pm || Departs Green Bay
6:15 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

6 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 26, 2011

  1. More factories that will be laying off soon! Sorry–you jinxed yourself when you invited the dog and pony over. On The Green Meme–solar panels for my tiny, underwater hut would be $20K! Endy story there. Those curly-q lightbulbs–funny story–they don’t last as long as billed and take hrs to clean up if they break. Windmills–rich people don’t want to look at them and they are a pittance anyway. Wave farms…same. Nuclear–hmmm, no, too dangerous. All this stuff is just more legislative pocket lint that has been banging around for yrs. Rapid rail? Who will take the train to LA…days…back and forth, back and forth, saran-wrapped crap to eat, slop on the bar if there is a bar car…maybe some air trave-averse rock stars. We need to get real! I know–maybe we need a referendum on each wacky idea..What do you think, America–should we go for selling Arizona back to Mexico. For yes, push 25467 on your cell, for no…

  2. The WH smarty-pants must think that these junket trips by MrO impress the ‘small’ people. They just waste MrO’s time, cost us money, and make the locals irritated at the traffic tieups that interfere with their daily lives.

    This Prez just loves to go, go, go. Anywhere, as long as he’s out of DC.

  3. Have you noticed Obama has a difficult time spending a full 5 days in the Oval Office? Have you noticed he always goes to a toss up state? California is the exception because that is where he goes to raise money?.His title should be changed to Mr. Campaigner Obama instead of Mr. President.

  4. Once more Obama leaves the WH on a Potempkin Tour to spread his syphilitic curse of “American re-invention” (taxes). These businesses will be heavily pressed by the liberal lame-street media as a stepping off point for Obama to showcase his new agenda. Granted, there is no agenda, just a re-tooling of words, phrases and vocabulary for consumption by the liberal press to a public that now has ‘Obama Fatigue Syndrome.”