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Obama Asks Bhutan to Solve America’s Problems

Thanks for all your comments on the speech in the previous post. Lots of great ones. Here’s my take:


We have some big problems in the United States. They are:

1. The deficit

2. The three wars we are involved in: Afghanistan, Iraq and the battle against Islamist terrorism.

3. The mortal threat posed by the development of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea.

Obama treated these issues like they are being faced by Bhutan instead the United States, and it should be left to the leadership of Bhutan to solve them. He pretended that the biggest problems facing the United States have something to do with not spending enough money.

I’m doing a piece for POLITICO tomorrow in which I’ll discuss this in detail.

But I’ll offer a few comments here.

You can only erase a $1 trillion annual deficit by tackling entitlements. Social Security is generally held to be the “easiest” of the entitlement nightmares to fix. Here’s what Obama said:

We should also find a bipartisan solution to strengthen Social Security for future generations.  And we must do it without putting at risk current retirees, the most vulnerable, or people with disabilities; without slashing benefits for future generations; and without subjecting Americans’ guaranteed retirement income to the whims of the stock market.

That is, we need to solve the Social Security solvency crisis BY USING MAGIC.

Notice how instead of saying how he will fix Social Security, he describes the ways in which he will REFUSE to fix. That’s where the passion is.

Obama also made clear the tough medicine prescribed by his own deficit commission is stuck in a pillbox with an adult-safe cap. He embraced none of their specific recommendations.

The bipartisan Fiscal Commission I created last year made this crystal clear. I don’t agree with all their proposals, but they made important progress. And their conclusion is that the only way to tackle our deficit is to cut excessive spending wherever we find it – in domestic spending, defense spending, health care spending, and spending through tax breaks and loopholes.

Really? They concluded you need to cut spending to reduce the deficit? At least we are all now aware of this.

Paul Ryan in his response wasn’t much better. Yes, he focused on the deficit, which was good. But he too was unwilling to upset anybody’s evening with some specific ideas.

I wish at least Obama went to church more often. Then at least I could feel that perhaps he was trying to solve our problems through prayer.

8 Responses to Obama Asks Bhutan to Solve America’s Problems

  1. Keith,

    I agree. The deficit is tied to three areas (1) entitlement spending (2) run-away defense spending (the DOD just canned a 1.4 billion dollar “tank to nowhere”) and (3) the unending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which are in the trillions now.

    Before you can talk about anything else, the entitlements must be dealt with – “Barack and a hard place” as MSNBC put it, in their attempt to keep him from axing billions in “money to nowhere.”

    • Keith,

      I listened to Donald Trump on Michael Savage’s program this week and Trump said it best: “… we’ve entrusted our money to these men and women on the Hill, Republican and Democrat and now were in the hole and dependent upon the Chinese who own our debt and who now dictate what trading terms will be. It’s robbert, extortion.”

      I think we are in farther than we think. The trade deficit between the U.S. and China continues to grow and Obama said nothing about it.

      NO ONE will even talk about the trade deficit … the Rep’s are too busy schmoozing with Barbara Boxer to give a damn. Sorry Paul Ryan … your too late, and even though you do the “Warrior Workout” at the Hill Gym and have a 6-pack you voted for M/care Part D and the bailout; your a fraud just like the rest of the clean-smelling, cocktail swilling whores on Capital Hill.

      Keith —–> The Trade Deficit.

      Until we stop hemoraging money overseas, were gonna have to find someone who will tell the Chinese: “No.”

  2. Fixing Social Security and Medicare:
    Just as most assume that the ‘death panels’ would apply only to the elderly, the current thinking that raising the age of retirement will lower the costs of SS and Medicare and be the wisest move to lower the deficit.
    What is missing in this kind of thinking is that millions of people (and children) are collecting SS Disablility entitlements for an assortment of ailments, including mental disabilities. If you can get a doctor to say that you suffer from a ‘bi-polar’ mental disability then you are eligible to collect from SS.
    Children with mental and physical disablilities also collect from SS. MrsPalin’s mentally impared son (3yrs old) collects money from SS.

    Aside from those considerations; the raising of the retirement age is almost always proposed by those who have ‘desk’ jobs. Do we really want 70 year old semi-truck drivers out on our roads, or does the fast-food cook have to stand on their feet until they’re 70. 70yr old construction workers would be a liability to their employers.
    And, to be honest, you get really tired when you get to the age of 60 and you don’t always feel so great.

    • Hadn’t heard that Palin’s son collects SS disability. But amen to your last sentence… I do think they could wait to start people’s pensions until they retire–my bro-in-law has collected more than half a million from being a state cop. And he is still a pilot with a $100K job and collects a disabillity from Vietnam.

    • There can be no lowering of SS checks.

      Americans have paid into this. Granted, Reps and Dems are ROBBING THE F—K out of this fund (remember: these lawmakers have “college degrees”, from “prestigious” universities, so they know better than we do) and will eventually close down SS in ten years (Cato Institute) unless someone with *balls* on Capital Hill stops the hemoroagging of money into entitlement, defense spending and wars.

      Then again, I know nothing because I dont have a college degree, and therefore, my opinion does not count.

      ITEM: Only those who have been to college can be in Congress because they are ‘smart.’

      ITEM: It is time to THROW OUT THE CRIMINALS and vote in farmers, blue collar workers, homemakers and small business owners.

      Those of us who run small businesses (I am one of them) know what it is like to be under the heel of the U.S. Government and its SS-Sturmabteilung – the IRS. We are the backbone of this nation, but yet the ones in power, who get elected are the rich, elite diarrhea that make themselves rich and fat at our expense – Rep and Dem.

      We need to elect ‘workers’ – people who have worked their entire lives making money, putting food on the table, building businesses, clothing, educating and raising children – into the halls of power.

      I would rather be rulled by the homosexual bar owner down the street, who works his ass to the bone 50 hours a week, or the black, hardware store manager who does the same than Obama, Bush, Boehner or the rest of the ash and trash on BigCheck Hill.

      George Bush was political gonnorhea, as was Clinton, Nixon and Carter. None of these men were leaders, yet they won due to money, political intrigue and the will of the media to sell their product (them). Each led this nation into debt and wars. Now, we are under the heel of Barach Obama, a racist, anti-Semitic college professor who will, in the next two years further drag the nation down to the Chicago gutter. But, these men have college degrees, money and therefore they are the only ones who can get elected.

      The cancer on this nation wil always remain “the educated elite.”

      • I graduated from college and no one respects me, either, but I take your point and agree with it. Both sides are smug, annoying and usually wrong for the good of the country. The game is rigged.