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I Saw the Helicopters Last Night

Every year, about an hour after the State of the Union, as I’m walking my dog, I see the helicopters.

They come in over my house, and head toward Washington. Last night, two of them ran separately, a couple of minutes apart. I’ve also seen them in a small pack, flying loosely in formation.

I think I know what they are doing. They are ferrying the “designated survivor” back from some secret location.

You may know about this ghoulish role.

Last night, the designated survivor was Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. If the entire Capitol blew up during the State of the Union, he would be your president.

7 thoughts on “I Saw the Helicopters Last Night”

  1. Thanks once again, Keith, for turning on the lights! It’s always nice to know the one guy who can’t even muster protection for “federally protected” animals (wild horses, burros, wolves, etc.) and consistently throws endangered species on the “for sale to the highest bidder” list would be the one in charge of our great nation! It may be the first time I’ve ever been nervous about something actually happening during the SOTU! Am assuming this designated survivor changes all the time, so who’s next? Someone as equally incompetent?

  2. I think 168th (Night Stalkers) Squadron carries out this mission; they or another duty squadron fly security screen for incoming and outgoing VIPs all over the D.C. area.

    Now, if only they would ferry Keith Olbermann to an undisclosed location and leave him there . . . there would be great joy and laughter among the people.

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