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What Did You Think of the Speech?

You want to comment. You know it. Fire away. I’m sorry, I mean – go ahead please.

25 Responses to What Did You Think of the Speech?

  1. Total miss.
    Foreign policy = D, Completely ignored Israel,Lebanon,solidarity with Russia for the terrorist attack yesterday..More yack on talking to our enemies.(While not supporting our friends properly.)
    Health Care = D-, Whatever
    Energy =F, Still pushing his garbage green agenda and threatening our own personal resources for our own use by messing with oil companies..Still refusing on the nuclear,leaving us in the dust on reactor technology and usability to wean us off of oil.
    Education = C,Not too much about fixing the known failures in the system,alot of free money offered for them fresh 18 year old voters for school,and inviting everyone who has the spare time to become a teacher…Ok….
    **spoiler alert**
    I have to say I loved the part about just giving out free money for ideas…
    Reminded me of a cross between Steve Martin in the Jerk,writing a check for stopping cat-juggling,and Richard Pryor in Brewsters Millions writing the check for the icebergs for the middle east project…
    Crime = Incomplete,I didn’t really catch anything on the subject,and the way I see it lately violence is def on the up,especially at law enforcement..
    Nothing about controlling the borders.
    nothing on fixingstates going bankrupt,guess they are on their own..
    Sadly, nothing on how half the country is suing against Obamacare.
    Lots of we can be better blather..
    Complete waste of a hour.And I did something else while it was on,that was just the listening to it part…

    • [Dreamily] I remember lying in the grass in the Middle West watching the satellites cross the sky. Uh–this is what we like to call The Wayback! Yeah–we do Big Things–try to get from day to day.

  2. I think Pacheestan and the Talleeeban are the correct pronunciation. Frank Lutz’s focus group seemed to have Barry’s number. Even Charles K rose to the occasion and panned the speech. All and all a good night. I actually didn’t watch that much because he gives me agita.

  3. I saw Paul Ryan’s speech after Obama was finished. He said more in 5 minutes than Obama said in one hour plus it was on the subject of fixing things in the real world.

    I still do not understand about high speed rail being promoted when Am Track is bleeding money. I’d shut down Am Track except for the Washington to Boston portion.

    He also mentioned he wants to cut the billion dollar of subsidy to the oil companies yet he should start with the wasteful ethanol subsidy to the corn producers. Ethanol from corn takes 1 gallon of petroleum to produce just 1.3 gallons of ethanol. It is bad economics. Ethanol from sugar cane as the way Brazil does it is so much better.

    • Great points. What business would start on the next generation of its product when the current one – Antrak – is a total failure?

      The ethanol issue is the greatest hypocrisy going. If Texas had an early primary or was a swing state you’d hear nothing about cutting the oil subsidies. You are right about ethanol, and it results in higher prices for inner city poor to purchase food. But Obama is from Illinois and wants to win Iowa, Minnesota, etc.

  4. More of the same…blah, blah, blah…. Empty words aimed at empty heads, jokes that aren’t funny, a swivel head that can’t see beyond the teleprompter. It even looked like the teleprompter told him to smile. Have never seen a person so disconnected from reality get as much airtime. Keep watching the other hand – it’s busy figuring out how to get even more $$ out of our pockets and intrude even more into our lives. This government (both parties) is like a college grad still living at home without a job, figuring out ways to keep Mom and Dad supporting his partying, out of touch lifestyle. Don’t believe a single word.

    Stand up peacefully people!! Say No to the snow job.

    • Yes! That back and forth head thing–like a parakeet on a perch. Also the pointing pinched-together fingers. Ack! Now you have done it–I need a nap.

  5. *Nothing*.

    Obama’s speech was a combination of never-ending platitudes for what he did and what he says he will do in the future. Bunk.

    Ok, a few points here …

    RE: Israel. There was no talk of our continued support for the Jewish state, or what his future as President the next two years will entail in the region. No talk of Iran, the instability in Lebanon (or Egypt and Tunisia for that matter). My gut assumption tells me that Obama will remain silent as more velvet revolutions begin boiling up to the surface; not everyone wants to live under tyrannical, bigoted, Islamic-religious repression. And … there was no talk of the recent homicide operation carried out by the Practioners of the Religion of Peace in Russia where 35 people were slaughtered. Obama = *silent.*

    RE: Gun Control. The seminal issue of many left-wing Marxicrats, yet Obama never mentioned a word about it. Expect Huffington Post’s “bloggers” to be up-in-arms (ahhhh) over this. This is a plank in the Marxicrat program which shows that Obama is slowly separating himself (and his agenda) from the hopped-up, hippified, drug-addled, cocaine-sniffing, Dennis Kucinich wing of the Democratic Party.

    RE: Deficit / Earmarks. Obama’s solution? Stopping “domestic” spending. Won’t happen. Remember those pesky earmarks? Put a hold on flagrant d/sp and you will receive bills on your desk CHOCK FULL of earmarks; every bill will BE an earmark. Did you hear the low groan when Obama said he would veto future bills with earmarks? If Obama would not veto earmarks before, why now?

    RE: Iraq / Afghanistan. *Nothing*. More platitudes for our soldiers (which I salute), but WHERES THE PLAN? Even the generals dont have a plan. Remember, we are fighting both these wars with playbooks from “Vietnam War Counterinsurgency.” There was no talk of pulling out, or staying in, only that we have “destroyed strongholds.” We need a plan, even with limited objectives, detailed and spelled out, point by point to the American people. Obama = *silent.*

    And the winner last night? Michelle Bachman. She hit upon domestic spending, jobs and the future, while reminding Americans that an overbearing government can do no good. She grates against the Marxist mindset of the Marxicrat Party because of her Tea Party affiliation.

    The loser last night? The American people. We have two more years to go with this idiot. Tighten your belts people, before he is done helping destroy our Republic, its going to be one hell of a bumpy ride.

  6. SOTU? Meh…

    Instead of striking a more conciliatory tone it appears Obama spent the first half of the speech rattling off items from the great “Liberal Wish List”
    Yes, yes, we need more education funding… Who cares about the quality of teachers? Good, bad, indifferent – we simply need more of them.
    Oh, and we cannot live without “green energy.” Granted, this will cause the price of energy to skyrocket, causing an already bad economic situation to go even more sour, but hey, it’s green.
    Admittedly I was somewhat puzzled by the second half of SOTU when the President mentioned austerity measures which will have to be taken in order to reign-in the deficit.
    Was I alone in questioning how the WH plans to pay for all of the “Win the future” initiatives, while simultaneously cutting back on services?

  7. The bi-partisan seating really tamped down the atmosphere and caused the audience to appear bored and un-engaged. It seemed the Prez paused to wait for the expected applause that didn’t happen, the standing ovations fell flat and there wasn’t any rah-rah cheering that we saw last year.

    On content, the same old proposals for spending but with a different name.
    The support of a rail system that some foreign countries have made successful just wouldn’t work in a country as large as the US. Adding 100,000 teachers, expanding exports, and promoting citizenship for illegals is just fluff and puff.

    • EXACTLY.

      When the Rep’s gave in to that b—sh–t, that was too much for me. If Trump runs, I am voting for him. I’m done with effiminate, lackluster, RINO-baked, limp wristed Republican lawmakers who give into every WHIM the media whips up after a tragedy. WHO SITS NEXT TO BARBARA BOXER? A Republican p——-y.

      Did you hear the terms, it was “Date night.”

      What a mockery these fools have made of a great tradition.

      Of course its all in the name of “Gabby” Giffords.

  8. Wanted to respond earlier, but my dang job keeps getting in the way today :)

    I preface this by saying I did not, in fact, watch the whole thing. My exposure was limited to watching (on mute) the pre-show entrance of Congress, and then hearing bits and pieces in the background from the office last night.

    So since all I really heard was, “blah blah blah no-real-solutions-to-deficit blah blah questionable-fiscal-facts blah blah more-money-to-teachers-to-fund-my-next-campaign blah blah the-end” I can’t really comment on the content (though based on the other comments from readers, this seems like a pretty good summary, no?)

    But I will say this based on what I did see (and its TOTALLY off the topic of content) – Where is the humility of our government? From the opening entrance, these guys present themselves like self-important rock stars – what with all the high-fiving and back-slapping and hand-shaking as they parade down the aisle to the thunderous applause of their collegues. They are elected officials – literally *servants* of the people, for crying out loud – so why do they present themselves and treat each other like they are war heros in their welcome home parade? Like they are doing something so noble and just and honest that they are OWED a standing ovation?

    The SOTU to me seems nothing more than political theatre at its finest – all the applause and standing up/sitting down after every thought/comment – and what’s the pay off? A bunch of partial-truths, half-facts, fantastical promises? Not to mention the fact that all this “we must work together” crap is the epitome of hypocrisy coming from the same guy who months ago called Republicans “enemies” and worse. While I absolutely support bipartisian compromise, it rings false when Obama preaches it.

    I reallize my last several comments have been super cynical (this one probably takes the cake), but I really don’t like the SOTU and struggle to see the point of any of it. It’s written by a bunch of speech writers, comprised of input from various departments and their special interests, and spattered with all sorts of feel-good statements to trick the public into thinking Obama is an effective, dynamic, and unifying leader – when really all he is is literate with above-average skills of voice intonation.

    Oh, and I ‘d also like to point out that I saw no tongue-kissing. FAIL.

    Sigh. On that note, back to work.

  9. As tweeted by Dennis Miller:

    “I didn’t watch last night’s address. If I want to watch a room full of big asses on a Tuesday night, I’ll watch the Kardashians.”

    Bravo, good fellow. Bravo.

    • LOL.

      Dennis Miller would make a withering House candidate. Could you imagine the destruction wrought during the tw-minute debate?


      I watched last night, drinking beer, eating my chips and guac and realized after five minutes that the backed up sewage in my downstairs bathroom had more fiber than Brother Barack. Megan is right: it was an address a 9 year old would give (and did).

      Obama was the candidate of candidates. He was built up (though with a feet of clay) by the press and sold to the nation. This man had neither the credential or intellect to be Chief Executive … but in our collective guilt we voted for him. Now we are reaping the just desserts for our actions.


      I voted for Jesse Ventura. Yes, I know. That was before I found out Jesse was a 9-11 Truther.


      • Remember when Obama first decided to run (or someone fronted him out there, whatever), his wifie said, “But he hasn’t done anything!” She also said he left his socks on the floor–those would be the ones covered in clay.