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Illinois Supreme Court to Decide Rahm’s Case

The Illinois Supreme Court today said it will decide whether Rahm Emanuel meets the residency requirement to run for Chicago mayor, staying a decision by an appellate court that threw him out of the race and ordering his name to remain on the ballot in the meantime.

“Several justices received dead fishes in the mail from someone named ‘Ron,'” said Supreme Court spokeswoman Lee Kefaucett. “Each fish had an iPod in its mouth repeating the phrase ‘take the case,’ ‘take the case.'”

Kefaucett said the fish had nothing to do with the court’s decision.

3 Responses to Illinois Supreme Court to Decide Rahm’s Case

  1. Oh my ……. this time, before reading this article, I removed the coffee from my lips, making sure there was nothing in my mouth before laughing (out loud) at Starbucks.

    Rahmbo “Dead Fish” Emanuel, oh heavens.

  2. There really isn’t any doubt that MrEmanuel considered himself a resident of Chicago and since his employment in the WH was subject to the whim of the President he made no permanent plans to reside in DC.
    It’s just bad planning that he gave the tenant a long-term lease for his Chicago home and the soon-to-be ex-Mayor didn’t give him a head’s up on his retirement.
    Then that pesky residency requirement that his legal team says violates the Constitution or his Pursuit of Happiness or his Right to Bear Arms or something, is just downright un-American and is being applied to keep him from his Destiny..
    There’ll be no fish fry in Chicago this week, Rahm will be on the ballot.