As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Folks, This is Your Sputnik Moment, OK?

The White House has released a few quotes from tonight’s State of the Union.

You might not have been aware of it, but this is your Sputnik moment.

Half a century ago, when the Soviets beat us into space with the launch of a satellite called Sputnik¸ we had no idea how we’d beat them to the moon. The science wasn’t there yet. NASA didn’t even exist.

But after investing in better research and education, we didn’t just surpass the Soviets; we unleashed a wave of innovation that created new industries and millions of new jobs.

This is our generation’s Sputnik moment.

Man, I guess there are a lot of creative ways to justify new domestic spending.

But of course President Obama is cutting defense spending, which is what really got us into space and, you know, BROUGHT US THE WHOLE ENTIRE INTERNET.

Oh boy. I don’t want to bore you, so you can stop here, or take a look at all the A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand stuff, which follows below. Ain’t nothing you haven’t heard before.

With their votes, the American people determined that governing will now be a shared responsibility between parties. New laws will only pass with support from Democrats and Republicans. We will move forward together, or not at all – for the challenges we face are bigger than party, and bigger than politics.

At stake right now is not who wins the next election – after all, we just had an election. At stake is whether new jobs and industries take root in this country, or somewhere else. It’s whether the hard work and industry of our people is rewarded. It’s whether we sustain the leadership that has made America not just a place on a map, but a light to the world. We are poised for progress. Two years after the worst recession most of us have ever known, the stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up. The economy is growing again.

But we have never measured progress by these yardsticks alone. We measure progress by the success of our people. By the jobs they can find and the quality of life those jobs offer. By the prospects of a small business owner who dreams of turning a good idea into a thriving enterprise. By the opportunities for a better life that we pass on to our children.  That’s the project the American people want us to work on. Together.

10 Responses to Folks, This is Your Sputnik Moment, OK?

  1. *Crap.*

    I’ve heard this propaganda from this Marxicrat before. Its nothing more than Socialist groupthink. A Soviet show trial. A Potempkin audience for the American people, the nation’s first Presidential reality show.

    Tonight, he will tell us “I am moving to the center.” YOU LIE. He is not moving to the center but as Star stated yesterday, this is the “State of the Campaign” for Obama, nothing more.

    Tonight, he will tell us “we are investing in infrastructure.” YOU LIE. That is a LibDem buzz word for more taxes.

    Tonight, he will tell us “we need a new wave of technology.” YOU LIE. This means governmental support of … more government programs.

    The popcorn is ready. The beer is cold. Remote is handy.

    Bring on The Obama Show!

  2. Sputnik moment! He’s foolin’ with us, right? Who wrote this drivel?
    He dares make reference to the space program when he gutted the very same last year and told it’s director to use NASA to honor Muslim achievements “in science”.
    We don’t ‘need’ new laws: we already have too many now. We don’t want to “move forward”; we want to go backwards.
    And, he should understand that the next election is very, very important to all of us.

  3. I forget–something about work together or the country won’t work…What about working in fits and starts? There were many other choices…You’d think a sophist would have had those pegged.