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Carol Browner Departing Enviro Czar Post

Carol Browner is leaving her post captaining the nation’s environmental and energy policy from the White House. Which brings up a very interesting question. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS?

It’s true, as is being reported, that her Holy Grail mission of cap and trade is finished on Capitol Hill, at least for two years. But there are many other exciting things going on to keep her busy, including the writing of carbon emissions regulations and a slew of other environmental issues.

Green Team Pictures, Images and Photos
The Obama Green Team: Energy Secretary Steven Chu; Browner; Interior Secretary Ken Salazar; and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

And she’s hardly averse to hanging on to power, having served through both of Clinton’s terms as EPA director.

Just weeks ago, she was being mentioned as a possible new deputy chief of staff.

Browner appears to be another casualty of Obamas hastening move to the center. She is one of the most left leaning members of a increasingly less left-leaning White House, having served as a Senate aide to Al Gore, been a member of a Socialist organization – no, not talking about Gore’s Senate staff – and butted heads with other Clintonites and even the president himself as she pursued her environmental agenda at EPA.

She’s an activist in a White House where pragmatism is the now new rule. It’s possible even that she was ordered out by or found herself unable to work with the new Chief of Staff, William Daley, who is cozy with business and wants to run an orderly shop.

She’s also a native of Florida, where both Senate seats and the governorship are in the hands of Republicans. Time to move back and lay the groundwork for a campaign? Wouldn’t be surprised.

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4 Responses to Carol Browner Departing Enviro Czar Post

  1. It always seemed that the “czar” thing is un-American both in name and purpose. MrsSmoot, MrsO’s Social Secretary, is also leaving. Maybe they’re all going to Chicago to form a parallel government.

    From all accounts, MrsBrowner is a true believer in the Cap’nTrade and might have found herself dispensable in the New&Improved administration.

  2. This is interesting news.

    Carol Browner is INDEED an activist, a far, far, far left activist with credentialed Socialist ties. I picked this up from Browner’s Wikipedia page, (which, suprisingly is now ‘open’ after being locked), of racism in the very agency she ran:

    “…. During Browner’s tenure, there were many reports from African American employees of racism directed at them from a network of “good old boys” who dominated the agency’s middle management.[46] The most known of these reports involved policy specialist Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, who in 1997 filed suit against the agency; in 2000, the court found the EPA guilty of discrimination against Coleman-Adebayo, and awarded her $300,000.[46][47] Coleman-Adebayo said that Browner allowed the problems to persist rather than trying to clean them up.[46] In an October 2000 Congressional hearing on the matter,[48] Browner emphasized that minorities had tripled in number in the agency’s senior rank during her time as administrator, but was unable to explain why the culprits in Coleman-Adebayo’s case had not been dismissed and in some cases had been promoted.[46] Congressional dissatisfaction with the situation and the EPA’s treatment of Coleman-Adebayo led to passage of the No-FEAR Act in 2002, which prohibits federal managers and supervisors from engaging in unlawful discrimination and retaliation.[47] ”

    Browner’s departure is extremely odd because of the affection the far left has for her; my assumption is that she was made a sacrificial lamb by Dear Leader. Cap and Trade was in the top-tier of Obama’s plans. My gut tells me Cap and Trade will come back, washed with a new name, new description, new mission statement . . . to be continued.

  3. If memory serves correctly, wasn’t the first czar the “Drug Czar” during President Reagan’s tenure? Even though I wasn’t crazy about the name, it seemed acceptable at the time, since we were targeting the drug war. Alas, like any other governmental plan or program, it has grown exponentially. Don’t we have a Czar of Czars now?