In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama to Call for Five Year Spending Freeze

From the White House: The President recognizes that both parties and both houses of Congress must come together to reduce our deficits. As a step toward achieving that goal, he is calling for a five-year freeze on all spending outside of security, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. This freeze will require substantial cuts, including to programs the President supports, to allow for the investments in education

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Folks, This is Your Sputnik Moment, OK?

The White House has released a few quotes from tonight’s State of the Union. You might not have been aware of it, but this is your Sputnik moment. Half a century ago, when the Soviets beat us into space with the launch of a satellite called Sputnik¸ we had no idea how we’d beat them to the moon. The science wasn’t there yet. NASA didn’t

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Illinois Supreme Court to Decide Rahm’s Case

The Illinois Supreme Court today said it will decide whether Rahm Emanuel meets the residency requirement to run for Chicago mayor, staying a decision by an appellate court that threw him out of the race and ordering his name to remain on the ballot in the meantime. “Several justices received dead fishes in the mail from someone named ‘Ron,’” said Supreme Court spokeswoman Lee Kefaucett.

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Obama Puts the Screws on the Illinois Supreme Court

Well, the Illinois Supreme Court just got a presidential dose of political pressure. Every time the White House – any White House – doesn’t want to comment on some controversial legal matter, we in the press corps are treated to sanctimonious demurrals stating that the president couldn’t possibly be induced to interfere with a matter before the courts. But Chicago politics is a different story.

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Carol Browner Departing Enviro Czar Post

Carol Browner is leaving her post captaining the nation’s environmental and energy policy from the White House. Which brings up a very interesting question. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS? It’s true, as is being reported, that her Holy Grail mission of cap and trade is finished on Capitol Hill, at least for two years. But there are many other exciting things going on to keep

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Top Ten Acts of Civility Planned for the State of the Union

White House Dossier has learned that for tonight’s State of the Union, President Obama and Congress have planned a series of surprise events to showcase the new Era of Civility they all hope will overtake Washington. Spoiler alert! If you wish to be surprised, please read no further. Also be warned that some of these moments are so touching that just reading about them may

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