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Obama: Let’s Spend Our Way Out of the Deficit

Obama over the weekend delivered to the faithful a “preview” of Tuesday’s State of the Union address, showing that he still plans to spend – I’m sorry, invest – money in programs he likes a lot.

The passion here is on, well, Obama’s passion – using the federal government to boost the economy while achieving various social ends.

My Number one focus, is going to be making sure that we are competiveness that we are growing, and that we are creating jobs, not just now, but well into the future.

We’re going to have to out-innovate, we’re going to have to out-build, we’re going to have to out-compete, we’re going to have to out-educate other countries.

This is all secret code words for new spending. National security and the deficit are cited almost as afterthoughts.

It’s a sign Obama will continue to be Obama over the next two years. And it’s a bad political omen for him, because it shows he may still not understand the country’s prevailing mood.

Here’s the video, which was included in an email to members of Organizing for America – essentially Obama’s 2008 campaign email list.

11 Responses to Obama: Let’s Spend Our Way Out of the Deficit

  1. Secret code words, indeed.
    Out-innovate: subsidy for project developments
    Out-build: subsidy for contruction-union projects
    Out-compete: subsidy for unionized ‘private’ companies
    Out-educate: subsidy for teacher’s union.

  2. The President was actually speaking in Mandarin when he made that video; SRDEM has now provided a proper translation (above). LOL – I actually beleived what Obama talked about – but none of it is true – which is damn shame.

  3. Reminds me of my days as a cheerleader, “we’re gonna win this game”.
    So brave, so meaningless, but the fans cheered, even when they knew better.

    • The prevailing meme is this is not the State of the Union, but the State of the Campaign. Yawn. I suppose he could actually address the country’s problems instead of preening around, but will choose not to.

      • Star, absolutely EXCELLENT point: “State of the Campaign.” This completely describes the Obama White House. SOTU is nothing more than another campaign stop for the boy President.

  4. This year “marks the transition that we’re leaving the rescue phase of the economy, where the effort was to stop the free fall and prevent the depression, and transitioning to a growth and competitiveness phase to re-establish and maintain the United States as the premier economy of the world,” Goolsbee says.

    Austan, Austan, Austan….No one told us in advance that this wonderful job supporting phase would come and the first two years were just…you know…stuff. Stop the freefall, prevent the depression…Come on, fella, we have been here all along–we are still in the room…

    • I am praying for one man to run: DONALD TRUMP.

      I just heard him on Dr. Savage’s radio show just now (its 5:55 p.m. in Dallas). A group of New York businessmen set up a website: Trump is not behind it, but he said he is seriously considering running and will decide by this June. He’s pro-business (uh, yeah), pro-America, pro-tariff and is serious about getting business back on track while working on the debt.

      The more I thought about voting for Romney the more I realized he’ll be Bush 2.0 – taller, more goodlooking, more education, more doubletalk, more Romneycare, more spending, more, more, more.

      I’ve had enough of the Rep’s. You lost my vote. Your libs. Your nothing more than rich, elite, cocktail-swilling frauds with quaffed hair and suntans. ENOUGH.

      The Donald has to run. We need a real businessman who will begin cutting the fat in this morbidly obese government of ours.

      “Mr. Obama. Your fired.”

      • Tom – Trump also thinks – not known for his modesty – he’d make a great secretary of state. And you know, he has a point. We need somewhere in there who ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW TO NEGOTIATE. He might just strike a few deals and have the bad guys wondering why they gave so much away.