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Biden Reports for Jury Duty

Just out of the White House:

This morning, the Vice President reported for jury duty with the Superior Court of Delaware at the New Castle County Courthouse in Wilmington. The Vice President will participate in the standard jury selection process in his capacity as a private citizen.

I’m informed the judge has already rejected him on grounds the jury may deliver a hasty verdict in order to stop being forced to listen to him.

4 Responses to Biden Reports for Jury Duty

  1. When called to jury duty, a detailed form is suppied asking for basic information and if there’s a compelling reason to be excluded from serving.
    One might think that THIS respondent’s occupation would exclude him from serving or appearing in court as a matter of National Security.
    How stupid are the people who allowed this to happen..never mind. Maybe VPBiden thought it might be fun to be on a jury.

    • Good point about security SRDEM.

      I think it sends a good signal to the people. He will be struck (obviously) from the jury pool but having Joe take time to go down there, in black limo with Secret Service says that not even the Vice President is immune from his responsibilities as a citizen (along with his current responsibilities as Vice President).

      I can see Biden in the court room, shucking and jiving with the judge, attorneys and jury pool. Makes for a good press photo.