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Saturday Night Obama

Just before 9:00 pm this evening, the Obamas bolted the White House and headed up to Chevy Chase Maryland to help celebrate Attorney General Eric Holder’s 60th birthday. The party is at the Famoso Italian Restaurant and Lounge on Wisconsin Avenue.

Famoso! Bravo! Perfetto!

UPDATE: At 11:04 pm, the Obamas arrived back at the White House.

14 thoughts on “Saturday Night Obama”

  1. ok, several rules for Mr. and Mrs. O. at Famoso:

    1. Can’t eat anything that is fried.
    2. Can’t eat anything with trans fat.
    3. Can’t have dessert.

    FLOTUS to the waiter: “Just give the President some chai tea and a small salad wedge. Thank you.”

  2. Politicians are like celebrities without the good looks. Everything is a cause for celebration…everything calls for an event to give themeselves another award.
    Since when do we celebrate the anniversary of a president’s inauguration? Only if it’s a Kennedy.

    After a certain age birthdays are a nonevent for most people. I can’t even remember how old I am.

      1. I am celebrating the passing of Teddy “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy this year by going out with some conservative gays to drink to the end of Camelost.

  3. These people just can’t get enough luxury, can they? Oh, well… I am shall we say, stately, and just found out my chol is normal…I wonder if theirs is. Of course, we get no medical checkup reports.

    1. There is no such thing as “too much”, but there is something wrong to having “too little.” Until they are pryed (like the Clintons) from the doorway of the White House, they will milk EVERY ounce of ‘too much’ from the American people until the very second the Romney / Paul transition team walks through the door in ’12.

      I watched D’nesh D’souza this morning on CSPAN speaking at the Southern Evangelical Seminary on the background, thinking and worldview of Barack Obama. Eye opening. Using Obama’s own words, his books, and his father’s anti-capitalist, pro-socialist sympathies, the young Obama’s religious, social and political frame of reference was established by 1975.

      He provided a summarized overview of Obama’s life as an anti-colonialist zealot (a view D’souza shares, being Indian) based upon his father’s writings in Kenya in the 1960’s, specifically an economic article written by the older Obama in 1965 (accessable through google). The article makes a salient point that dense, tightly packed capitalism must be re-distributed by a select group of governmental ministers “to the masses” in order to effectively grant “freedom to everyone.”

      It is the oldest Marxist lie in the book, but its effective. Keith Olbermann staked his very show on this tragic belief, to the point where he became Obama’s christ-like substitute, dying at the hands of the evil capitalists of COMCAST, the new owners of MSNBC while railing against big business . . . the same “evil capitalists” that were paying Olbermann … uhum … $30 million over 4 years.

  4. Something I think it was SrDem wrote the other day about our being told to eat roots reminded me of Euell Gibbons strolling through the field stuffing wild hickory nuts in his mouth. Remember how in the other Depression, people sold apples? We are being advised to eat roots, berries, nuts, leaves, everything but twigs..but THEY are eating these processed through another step up the food chain.

    1. Lobster. Thats really all I can remember about last summer: the Obama’s, thousands spent by taxpayers on hotels, travel, expensive food, shopping, lobster. The $ spent by these degenerates matters not. Its all about them, not the country.

      1. Hater!

        “Aged ribeye” is a long-standing delicacy in Kenya, you birther.

        “Aged ribeye” is a long-suffering African-American meal served by former slaves and Civil Rights advocates and blah blah blah blah blah . . . you cross-hair advocate.

        ITEM: Regardless of the investigations by the new media into the misuse of tax-payer money, the old left will defend Obama on every count. Aged rib-eye will simply become another defamation creation cooked up by an MSNBC staffer and presented to Rachel Maddow so she can talk about how millionaire politicians who eat aged rib-eye (off the backs of tax paying Americans) are afflicated and marginalized.

        1. Remember when Obama spent $75 for an arugula salad in NYC during the campaign? I will never forget watching Chris Matthews defend the boy Spender; “a thrill went up my wallet.”

        2. I will admit that I ate some ribeye myself on my recent trip out to the Western part of Virginia. It’s beautiful country and we passed many cattle ranches. So the meat was probably quite fresh. I rather upset my wife by mentioning, as I ate my steak, that we might have seen it walking around on the way out . . .

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