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Is Obama Setting a Trap for Republicans?

Mike Allen of POLITICO has gotten some Obama advisers on the phone and gotten a glimpse of what we are going to hear Tuesday night when President Obama delivers his State of the Union speech.

As in the past – when Congress wrote the health, stimulus, and financial reform bills – Obama seems to be making no big, specific proposals of his own, while looking to Congress to take the lead. In which case, the Republicans will do so, and Obama will eventually start accusing them of failing to “cooperate” by accepting ideas he throws out of the peanut gallery. And then he will  eventually start campaigning on the notion that they plan to destroy the country.

Here’s what Mike came up with. The CAPS are his, not mine:

He plans to emphasize issues where he thinks he can find COMMON GROUND with Republicans, including education, trade and fiscal responsibility — cutting spending, reexamining regulations, and working toward more efficient and effective government. All that can strengthen our economy, is a way to work with Republicans, and fits the Obama COMPETENCY MEME. A LOT OF HIS TIME WILL BE SPENT ON ISSUES WHERE HE THINKS REPUBLICANS SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO ALONG. He will embrace the spirit of the debt commission’s recommendations, but a detailed response won’t be the headline from the speech. He will call for new investments in education, and talk about trade in terms of competition with other countries, including China.

The president will aggressively defend health reform (benefits are already being enjoyed – preexisting conditions, young adults under age 26, help for seniors on affording prescription drugs) and Wall Street reform (the importance of having rules in place to protect consumers). He will point to progress in Iraq, and the coming “inflection point” in Afghanistan – July, the start for withdrawing combat troops. The president won’t announce a major tax restructuring plan, BUT WILL SAY HE VIEWS THE TAX-CUT AGREEMENT IN DECEMBER AS A MODEL for working directly with Republicans to get some things done. It means they have to take some things they don’t like, and he has to take some things he doesn’t like . . .  And he will reprise the lessons in civility to be drawn from the Tucson tragedy.

What, exactly, have Obama’s elves been making over in the West Wing toy shop? Nothing. There is no plan to fix Medicare. There is no plan to fix Social Security. There is no “tax reform” plan, even though the White House has been hinting that revamping the tax code is what Obama wants to focus on. There had better be a comprehensive plan to substantially reduce the deficit, although I honestly don’t see the White House making the painful choices to get us there, so there might not be a serious deficit plan either.

These tough issues will require presidential leadership and political risk, particularly during the new era of divided government. Anything less is a setup for failure. And that means charges during the 2012 campaign Republicans refused to compromise and the assertion that reelecting President Obama is the only way to keep them from passing into law all their scary ideas.

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  1. “Inflection point?” Where do they GET this bushwah? As for the setting a trap–who knows…I am sure the other side can find some way to mess up, unfortunately. All along his idea of “cooperation” has been tell me your ideas and I will say yes or no.

  2. Stand up, Jackie Faux. She’s a little shy. She was been working diligently for our fat kids behinds and military families. She’s wearing the Italian designer Moschino or is it the French Allaia or the British McQueen.

    We must sell more goods to improve our trade deficit. We are the innovators…the Thomas Edisons…oops banned.

  3. That’s all they got? vote for me ’cause the other guy is worse’? The Prez has nothing positive to run on and a negative campaign will set the stage for another rout like last November.
    He wants positive; open up all domestic oil and gas drilling, reverse business adverse regulations immediately, bring all active combat troops home now, make a legitimate attempt at securing our border and deport all known illegal aliens, cut Federal spending 10% across the board and allow that certain provisions of the Obamacare need to be either eliminated or revised.
    MrO spent the last year telling Americans that the Repubs (and GWBush) were responsible for all the bad things and the Dems got hammered. Why his political people would think that that ruse would work this time is the definition of “crazy”.

    • A friend suggested that the “trap” the Dems are planning would be comparable to the ‘traps’ that WileyCoyote always set for the RoadRunner with the same results.

    • The more I have watched President Obama and his extremist views and failed policies the more I see a man who is ever-so-slowly becoming unwound, scattered and mentally detached. I beleive in another two years he may be psychologically unable to handle the office of President of the United States.

  4. Interesting . . . when the Dem’s held a majority there was never talk of “bi-partisan seating.” A mamby-pamby, liberal, lets-all-love-one-another, seating arrangement is nothing more than a overt attempt to silence the new Republican Majority. Will the cocktail-swilling, rich, elite, golf-playing, countryclub Republicans have the GUTS to stand up to the Marxist liberals of the Democratic Party and say “no” or will they cave in to the sticky, lubricating froth of brotherly love and “new civility”?

    ITEM 1: Mr. Obama’s SOTU address has been designed for one purpose: to get the Republicans to stand and cheer Obama’s failed Socialist policies. The Rep’s must stand firm, as a group, as a tight block and SIT QUIETLY when the President waxes on about healthcare, cash for clunkers or the bailout. Rep’s must STAND AND CHEER when the President hits upon an issue of freedom, state’s rights and individual liberty.

    Republicans *MUST* realize that Barack Obama speaks only for the Democratic Politburo and not for the American people when he mounts the podium and remain seated and silent the moment he opens his mouth.

    ITEM 2: Let Mr. Obama continue to make a fool of himself, his party and his wife as he sings the proletariat praises of his failed policies: after all, after two years of Obamunism, all we have to do is sit back and let him destroy his re-election bid.

      • Plus the kick pleat in that bulgy skirt looked like a dog’s laundry. (Oh, don’t ask–I have always used that expression and people ask me where I got it and I don’t know.)

    • OH, this bipartisan cr*p is their response to the reading of the Constitution — the Repubs read a boring old document — the Dems are going to revitalize relationships among living people. The bright sparkling eyes of comradeship that will gleam when each discovers the others sitting in “mixed” company — so much more important than any Constitution. Notice how MUCH time has been spent in the news and the commentary on this cr*p. Much more and much more positive that the returning of our founding document to the center stage by reading it.

      • Exactamundo.

        The Marxicrats have one objective: *quietly* silence opposition.

        WHY ANY REPUBLICAN would sit with a Democrat for the SOTU is beyond me. I have lost respect for Thune and Wilson and other RINO’s that feel they must schmooooooze with the Marxicrats and smile for the camera’s. Little do these overeducated dolts know that Obama wants a Potempkin Village presented for the American public Tuesday night with limited interferance.

        MEMO TO MR BOEHNER: The leopard (in this case, a kitten) has not lost his spots (meow).

  5. Im not one to make predictions,lol..but I think he’s about to get spoiled/slapped by Iran either right before or right after the address,and clogging up his week.Iran just completely dissed the 5=1 over the weekend,and Im guessing with tensions in Lebanon right now I see Hezbollah having the go ahead to sometime between tonight(tomorrow there)and Thursday completing the Iranian/Syrian takeover of the state,infuriating Israel in the process.Barry needs to pay a little attention right now as well to foreign policy as there are no less than 4 active pushes for Tunisia type government collapse…Most of it I think will right itself out and maybe even do some good in some of the hot spots, but the fact is we might have to land troops in Beirut again here shortly as that one is a priority,it must not be allowed to happen.Iran is the number 1 priority on all the lists now,and we must stop them before this all spins too far out of control.